When a joke gets real

I was only joking.

A year ago, I wrote about how wished I had thought of making “puts laundry away right after I finish it” the first line of my resume.

And for a bonus, I’d make sure to bring up my mastery of sock-matching during any interview, and brag about my expertise in loading the dishwasher in the second line.

“Every employer is looking for someone with gumption, someone who won’t leave the job undone, and what says that better than putting away laundry the day you wash it?”

Even though I am still boss at both laundry and dishes, I never put those items on my resume, on account of having been … only joking. Instead, my resume focuses on things like “stuff related to the job that I’m good at” and “work experience relevant to the position available.”

But the other day, there was a brief discussion in a group I belong to about something else job-seekers may want to include on their resumes.

Vaccination status.

“I personally think it can only help,” said Ken Zwerdling, founder of the career coaching firm Global Expansion Inc. “It shows responsibility and safety right off the bat.”

Once again, just to be clear … quote from my blog about gumption — joking.

Quote from Ken Zwerdling in The Wall Street Journal about responsibility and safety — not joking.

While I’m perfectly willing to tell anyone who asks (or even anyone who doesn’t) that I’m vaccinated, it never occurred to me that it would actually help on a resume.

I still don’t know if I’ll do it — one thing that came up during the discussion was where you’d include it — but at the very least, I’m guessing would-be employers would be more interested in that than my laundry or dishwasher skills.

Although — and I cannot say this enough — I am awesome at both.

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