Someone says something dumb … and it’s not me!

A year ago, Suzi and I took a day trip to Rockport.

It was a little more than an hour away, but because last year was … last year … even that relatively short excursion was a nice getaway.

Five years ago, however, we were a little farther afield, as we were on vacation in Los Angeles.

Our trip included going to the Getty Center museum, which even if you don’t like art, had some better-than-average views of the city.

I’ll let Suzi pick up our story from here.

“Today we were visiting the Impressionist galleries — including this Tissot (note from Bill: it’s the picture above) — with a very large school group. They were probably in 5th grade or so, all in matching red shirts, and chattering away as kids that age do. As we were making our way out of the galleries another visitor turned to us and said in her snootiest voice, “I think those kids are way too young to be here.” She clearly has no idea who she was talking to.”

“Who she was talking to” was a woman who, at the time, worked in a museum …

… with school groups.

Because sometimes I actually do let a thought go unexpressed, I managed to not ask Suzi in front of everybody what she thought of that opinion, and Suzi’s just generally gracious enough that she didn’t embarrass her, either.

But you’d better believe the doors to our rental car had maybe just closed before we started talking about her.

It wasn’t just Los Angeles we’ve been to this week in the past.

Six years ago, we were in San Francisco and saw friends of mine from high school, and eight years ago, we went to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye during our first day in London after flying overnight from Boston.

It was the first of three trips in five years. We kind of like the place.

Mid-to-late September has been a good time for us to travel in the past — still-good weather, not incredibly crowded, good rates for most things — so whenever Facebook Memories reminds me of the trips we’ve taken, I usually have two thoughts one right after the other.

“That was fun.”

“When do I get to do it again?”


4 thoughts on “Someone says something dumb … and it’s not me!

  1. I seriously miss travel. My husband was going to retire last year and we were going do it seriously…. But then, global plague. Other than a few day trips in state, we’ve stayed close to home. Fall weather makes me itchy to go somewhere. Anywhere.

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