It’s complicated … but I watch anyway

My earliest memories of the Olympics are from 1980.

I was 7. The Winter Olympics were in Lake Placid, and people were talking about a big hockey game between the Americans and the Soviet Union (or maybe they called them Russians), who were not only really good, but an enemy of some kind.

But the Americans actually … won. I recall this being a big deal.

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Things we believe in

A couple months ago, I saw an essay in The New York Times by Mike Schur and Todd May titled “What We Believe About Freedom.”

It was part of the Times’ “The Big Ideas: What Do We Believe?” series, and although it’s probably behind a paywall unless you subscribe, they wrote about how “freedom” does not absolve us of responsibility for others.

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The week gone by — Aug. 1

Go early.

If you go early, you can get there before the crowds form — although going late, after the crowds, might also work — and you can enjoy the glorious views relatively undisturbed.

Sure, you’ll run into people here and there, but you just make room for them to go by and continue on your way.

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