Some things should be obvious, but …

The home team had won, and we had a great time.

All that was left before Suzi and I made the 90-minute trip home after the Connecticut Sun game at Mohegan Sun Arena was a pit stop in the restroom.

Which is where I saw it on the back of a stall door.

“Send us a photo from your seat! … But like, not this seat. Your other seat.”

All I could think of was a meeting of arena staff where someone had the great idea of putting signs on bathroom stall doors encouraging people to take pictures from their Mohegan Sun Arena experience and tagging the venue’s Twitter or Instagram.

After all … captive audience, right? What else would they be looking at while doing their business? OK, maybe their phones, but still … .

But then, just about as everyone was ready to sign off on this excellent idea, someone, probably a junior staffer, maybe even an intern, piped up — “If we’re going to do that, we should probably make sure we mean their seats in the arena. Otherwise, our social media is going to be filled with pictures from people sitting on the toilet.”

Or — as a friend of mine pointed out when I mentioned this on Facebook — selfies.

Relieved, the staff meeting broke up, with everyone realizing they had just dodged a bullet.

Unless …

… that wasn’t the first version of the sign.

I feel for the poor social media staffer who had to deal with that.

But it gets worse.

Suzi, her father and I once went on a bus trip to Yankee Stadium. Until we moved downstairs because Suzi’s father had trouble with the heights, we were in the extreme upper deck, closer to heaven than anything on the field.

But on the rail in front of our seats, it warned us to be on the lookout for flying bats — the wooden variety, not the winged ones. I assume it was because they made all the rails the same, without regard to where they were installed.

By that same logic, after finishing my business, I asked Suzi about the sign as we were heading back through the casino to our car, figuring she’d be as amused as I was.

She didn’t have one.

Could it be that they only put up the signs in the men’s rooms, like we can’t be trusted not to take pictures of whatever while we’re on the can and tag the casino when we post them on social media?

To be fair, if so, I don’t really blame them.

For the record, while I obviously took a photo and posted it to my social media because I thought it was hilarious, I didn’t tag the Mohegan Sun.

I may be a wiseass, but I’m not a monster.


4 thoughts on “Some things should be obvious, but …

  1. Michelle

    I once saw an illustrated sign on the back of a stall door of how one should not squat on the toilet seat whilst doing your business…. Every day we stray further and further away from God… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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