The week gone by — Aug. 22*

Yes, I am aware that I posted it Aug. 21. I kept the Sunday date in the interest of consistency, but keep reading to see why I decided to release it into the world a day early.

I don’t remember the context, but I was listening to a story one morning on the local public radio station and heard someone referred to as a theoretical physicist and a menswear expert.

All I could think of was Sheldon Cooper guaranteeing that I would like the way I look.

The radio station used to be our alarm, and let me tell you, early morning public radio news can be … an experience.

Like when William and Kate got married and a very excited reporter in London noted the size of the crowd and hoped that no one would get trampled …

… two weeks after the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

And then there was the time we woke up to a story about how Boston hadn’t been hit by a Category 3 hurricane since the 1950s, so we were due for one. I remember thinking that no, that didn’t mean we were “due,” it meant we lived in a place that didn’t get hit by hurricanes.

No, nor’easters are our severe weather of choice, although the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred paid us a visit the other day with storms and at least one tornado.

Long before he became a big shot at CBS, my friend Merrily and I saw Jeff Glor nearly get blown off Nauset Beach in Orleans during one of those nor’easters. Good times.

It may not/hopefully won’t be as big as Carol and Edna in 1954, or Bob in 1991 — the last hurricane to hit Massachusetts — but as I write this, Massachusetts is awaiting Hurricane Henri and wondering where it will land.

As of now, it looks like Henri has moved a touch west, closer to Long Island and away from Cape Cod, so maybe it won’t be quite as bad here as originally thought.

However, I hope that’s not worse for my in-laws in Connecticut or my parents in upstate New York. (I’m not thrilled to see the last county on this list, especially after what happened there before.)

Our forecast — for now, at least — is for rain and gusty winds, so it could be worse. But just to be sure, Suzi did the grocery shopping early and has charged all our battery chargers in case the power goes out.

Hopefully, it’s not too bad, but to be on the safe side, since I took it easy on the Carolinas earlier this summer, I hope any guys there named Henri (I’ll also accept Henry or Hank) return the favor.

Sunday morning update: It rained, and it’s a little breezy. We were never going to be at the center of the storm where we live, but we’ll have to see what the storm does to see what we get. No word yet from Connecticut or New York.

What I wrote

So much of the college I attended didn’t exist when I was a student, so where does my nostalgia for the place come from?

I can get behind this

We got ours from the local ice cream shop, but BereavedSingleDad experimented with making his own ice cream. It may not have looked the greatest, but I can only commend the effort.

Show me the blogs!

Thanks to Ally, I saw this amusing tale from Betsy about her 4-year-old son’s priorities.

If it weren’t for her, I would have never known (and subsequently followed), because while I read quite a few blogs, I do not read all the blogs, meaning there’s all sorts of personal enjoyment and potential Sunday material that I’m missing.

So what I’m asking is that if you see a blog post that you think I should be aware of, post it in the Sunday comments or tag me on Twitter at @a_silly_place, and I’ll post my favorites here each Sunday … with full credit to the tipster, of course.

By the way, Ally also made me aware of this, which is just … ugh.

Stuff I read

Pea Green met up with some old friends, and that got her to thinking.

Thanks to Jeff, people sharing things they believe in is a gift that keeps on giving, the latest being this from Donna. As for Jeff himself, he returned to the covid petri dish.

Emily has a question for our time: “Is it better to be a Louisiana cow or a New York governor?”

Renata marked her third year of blogging by noting what has changed in the last year. And I should have known that tagging her with this would have led to a discussion.

Take more selfies, says Rosie. I will not, because I’m terrible at taking them, maybe because I haven’t figured out the secret to “false advertising.”

If Crazy Town were a real place, Austin has an idea of who would make a good mayor. In a semi-related note, he refuses to say if he or Holly were involved in this bit of tomfoolery.

Ferrari likes dyeing her hair, so she’s dyeing her hair, alopecia be damned.

Savannah has recommendations for shows to watch, also known as “So when do I break down and start watching ‘Ted Lasso’?”

Pepper’s microwave and lighting problems remain unresolved.

Helen got her second COVID shot, and you’ll never guess what happened! (Actually, you can guess what happened, because something like this happened to a lot of people.)

Walking a 5K is about my limit, but Graham ran a 10K.

If you’re afraid to do something because it won’t be perfect, Rick says to forget about it and just get started.

Almost everything is new in Giggles’ life these days, including her phone.

Paul contemplates relaxation.

After spending a couple weeks with high school students, Michelle thinks it’s a weird time to be a teenager.

Jackie in Italy’s vacation went way too fast — don’t they always? — but the cat came home.

Zoe has been in a couple long, difficult, on-and-off relationships.

Not everything about Bex’s trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands turned out as she had hoped.

The Huntress is working on being grateful.

My experience with Peloton has mostly had to do with a certain ad that got a lot of people’s attention, but this stuff is seriously weird … like it was a five-day personal-branding opportunity that just happened to include a wedding.

Tweets I liked

Can we unplug it and plug it back in?

Sasha likes to “help” at pretty everything — working, cooking, waking up in the morning — but when the corkboard fell of the kitchen wall with a thud the other night, she looked at me like “I had nothing to do with this.”

Who wouldn’t like this photo? (By the way, all of Bruce’s stuff is this good.)

The same kind of thing happened when I started watching.

Also scary, the first time you see you have a voicemail … and the second, the third, the 100th, the 1,000th … pretty much until the day you leave.

Nice …

Tale as old as time … song as old as rhyme …

Hello, Jack!

I prefer planes and trains, but I still saw a boat.

I get it, but it’s Dominic West.

Now I’m hungry.


13 thoughts on “The week gone by — Aug. 22*

  1. montyvern

    Jack really appreciates the mention and says hello back. At least I think he said hello. We are still getting to know each other and my Chinese dog language interpretation skills are rusty. I’d ask him to clarify but he already went back to sleep.


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