The week gone by — Aug. 1

Go early.

If you go early, you can get there before the crowds form — although going late, after the crowds, might also work — and you can enjoy the glorious views relatively undisturbed.

Sure, you’ll run into people here and there, but you just make room for them to go by and continue on your way.

There are a lot of places you can start from, so even if it’s not your first time, there can still be more to see.

But whether it’s Christmas Eve, which is the last time we had been, or a summer morning, the Cliff Walk always delivers.

When you have a giant mansion … what do you do with it all?

Today’s monster homes have their own gyms or movie theaters or whatever, but unless you have a very large family or people come to visit all the time, it doesn’t matter how many bedrooms or bathrooms you have because you can only sleep or use the toilet in one place at a time.

But it’s still always interesting to see how the other half-percent lived, and houses like The Breakers are beautiful.

Since we have been to Newport several times, we’ve done the Cliff Walk and gone to the mansions, so I wanted to find something different.

A harbor cruise … yes, that would do.

I’m not saying I always make good decisions, but 90 minutes in Narragansett Bay in glorious weather, riding past the Newport Folk Festival and taking in all the sights made for an exceptional call.

A giant chocolate chip cookie for a morning snack — to get there early, we had to eat breakfast early — lunch at an Italian grill with tiramisu for dessert, a shake on the boat.

Not exactly ideal for my waistline, but this wasn’t a day for worrying about such things.

But we weren’t the only carefree people. Everywhere you looked, people were walking around, hitting the shops, enjoying dining outdoors.

From the cliff to the cruise and everything in between, this is what summer is supposed to look like.

“I’m not so good at listening.”

We couldn’t download our audio guides at The Breakers, so Suzi grabbed one of the written guides and read from it in each room. It worked fine, but walking a couple steps ahead of her, there was no way I could resist.

“Oh … I know.”

“You want to make it to 20 years?”

And then we laughed.

That’s why we were in Newport … to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.

I don’t know if I have any great advice to stay married 19 years or beyond, but I would certainly recommend always finding silly things to laugh about.

And by the way, she listens just fine.

What I wrote

If a college kid is “thrilled” or “overjoyed,” or a teenage girl is fretting over boys, who are we to tell them they’re doing it wrong?

Preview of coming attractions

On Wednesday, I will be publishing what may be my largest group project yet. Here is a very small taste:

… as I pondered the bedrock beliefs, the ones I try to live my life by, I realize that they’re actually pretty simple: life should be fair, good things should happen to good people and bad things to bad people, people should keep their promises and live up to their commitments.

I believe in the value of kindness, decency and respect, and that hating people because of their gender, race, sexuality or religion is stupid.

Stuff I read

Rosie’s word of the year was “well-being,” and she assesses how she’s doing about halfway through the year.

Zoe writes about the difficulty of maintaining friendships during lockdown.

Renata shares what made her happy in July, and between a new condo and a new boyfriend (among other things), Becky has had herself quite a month.

The folks at T.B.C. also did a July roundup, and they had some things to get off their chests.

Jeff tackles some of life’s big questions.

Pea Green and her family are hitting the road.

Vee has a trick to figure out which hotels are offering deals on Hotwire.

Austin has some excellent advice on things to avoid during job interviews, although if you’re doing some of these … I’m just saying that maybe that’s why you didn’t get the job.

Rick is in a good place, but he took an odd route to get there.

Pepper just got back from vacation, and she was shocked by one part of the airport experience.

From what I understand, England is having this weird thing called “heat,” and Graham is struggling with it.

The Huntress explains the difference between “junk,” “crap” and “trash.” (Moving appears to be a little stressful.)

One thing has remained constant for Bex over the years … her love of motorcycles.

Something has complicated Jackie in Italy’s plans, but for now, she’s going to enjoy summer.

A couch … she’s writing about a couch … and I so wish I could write like this.

Tweets I liked

Sunset at Rock Harbor is special, but smoke being so thick you can taste it … not so much.

Views like this probably do make meetings a bit easier.

We are pro-yard bunny in this house.

It will only get worse from here.

I remember when VCRs and microwaves were a big deal, although that may be more “closing in on 50” than “over 30.”

Yeah, it’ll do.

Maybe they’re the missing link?


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