The week gone by — June 6

The night before my birthday, Suzi and I went out to dinner with my parents.

Massachusetts had lifted its restrictions that day, and when I called ahead for seating, I found out that fully vaccinated people (which we all were) didn’t have to wear masks.

I was giddy.

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It’s good to be back

I sat down at the exercise bike, set the timer, tightened the straps to position my feet just so and began to pedal.

As always, I had to stop right at the beginning to adjust my seat, but it didn’t take me wrong to settle into a nice, loose, relaxed rhythm, the type that covers “distance” quickly without feeling like I’m pushing too hard.

On my Kindle, I started reading John Connelly’s “From Peoples into Nations,” because nothing says light reading on an exercise bike quite like 900 pages on the history of Eastern Europe.

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