The week gone by — June 20

They said the perfect Father’s Day card didn’t exist …

… but they were wrong.

Actually, I have no idea who “they” are, or whether these mysterious arbiters have weighed in on the relative quality or appropriateness of Father’s Day cards, but I have found the perfect one.

I won’t give away the specific details just in case it hadn’t arrived at my parents’ house by yesterday, but it has to do with something in which he is particularly skilled and I have proven those particular skills are not hereditary. It is something well-known and much-joked-about in my family. (The picture at the top of this post should be a clue.)

However, one skill I think I do have is picking excellent cards for all occasions, and I have no doubt that when my father saw it, he gave it a wry smile and nod of recognition.

Here’s where it gets weird, though. Suzi bought her father’s card before I did. I never saw it, and only noticed she had bought one when I saw the envelope on our kitchen counter, ready to mail.

I bought the exact same one as she did.

When I told Suzi about this conversation, she replied that the only way it could be more perfect is if Mix had orange soda for me to drink.

Um … he usually does when I come over.

When Mix and I finished playing golf the other day, we talked for a few minutes about getting together July 4. In particular, he said he wasn’t planning on the traditional hot dogs and burgers, so he wanted to know what I wouldn’t eat.

Because another thing that is well-known and much-joked-about by … pretty much everyone I know … is that I am a very picky eater. So when Mix asked, I suggested he tell me what he was planning, and I’d tell him whether I was OK with that.

He plans on making kebabs. I will eat meat off a stick … just not the veggies.

When I told Suzi about this conversation, she replied that the only way it could be more perfect is if Mix had orange soda for me to drink.

Um … he usually does when I come over.

I must say … between food discussions and a Father’s Day card highlighting a skill that I lack, I have been very on-brand lately.


Lots of ideas entered my brain, which was then able to translate them into lots of stuff to write. It felt weird … good, but weird. So here we go.

You know what also feels good, even great? Just being happy.

A storm with my name on it didn’t really have much impact, which of course I took as a metaphor.

A high school classmate started taking trash about me, but didn’t realize who she was talking to. Awkwardness resulted … at least for her. (When she wasn’t writing a quiz for Buzzfeed or reimagining a favorite children’s tale, Renata joined me on the walk down high school memory lane.)

I’m fully vaccinated. A business wanted me to wear a mask. I wore it. It wasn’t hard.

Twenty years seemed like a long time, until I realized it wasn’t.


It was a third not-birthday for Pea Green and her family.

Vee explains what it’s like to live with social anxiety.

Austin wants to know what you would do with $43,000 after learning one possibility.

It was the end of an era for Becky.

Jeff cleaned out some waste.

Ferrari is learning lessons from having a daughter.

Giggles got a new job. It was a bit of a process, but isn’t it always?

James has written his 1,000th post. He trusts you will find it adequate.

You may recall that Ally had a spot of trouble acquiring garden stones. The good news is that they do look nice in her yard.

Pepper is not necessarily popular among the other moms. I get the feeling she really doesn’t care.

Learn how an ultimatum wound up helping Alexis.

Zoe laments the stupid things she does.

The Huntress has retained her faith in humanity … at least for now.

Jackie in Italy goes for Baroque.

BereavedSingleDad’s son has found something to aim for.

The baseball game I went to was before full capacity came back, and the movie theater I went to was almost empty. But I’m going to soccer and baseball games next month where there will be crowds, and I’m curious as to how I’ll feel.


I haven’t played since July 2004, but I still run around playing pickleball, so maybe I wouldn’t cripple myself? On the other and, I’m a fair bit older than Rob.

Reasons to Not Eat Salad, Part the So Many I Stopped Counting Long Ago:

It is a fine place.

If I’m going to climb a hill for anything, it had better be worth it.

It does look lovely.

I’ve felt a few of these over the past year or so.

Rosie’s going old-school with her photography.

The Coldplay is just adding insult to injury.


6 thoughts on “The week gone by — June 20

    1. I actually don’t drink it that much anymore, mostly if I’m at some sort of gathering. Turns out it’s not great for the ol’ waistline. LOL

      And as part of my … being who I am … when I do drink it (or anything else but the water I drink most of the time now), I will not drink it with ice.

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    1. Complete coincidence … her card was stamped, in the envelope and sitting on the counter by the time I bought mine. When I told my father, he chuckled … and then said he thought that might have happened once before! (I have no idea, and haven’t asked my wife.)

      I don’t drink it much anymore, but yes, they do still sell orange soda.

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