The week gone by — May 23

I almost missed the boat.

For the third time, Suzi and I are taking part in a 5K fundraiser for a local school that serves students with autism, and unlike last year, we’d be able to do it in person and not virtually by walking around the neighborhood.

Except my “I’ll sign us up for it when I think about it” turned into “They could only have so many people in person, and they already reached their limit, so we’d have to do it virtually again.”

Because sometimes procrastinating makes you stupid.

But right after I signed up, I got texts from one of the organizers of the 5K and our team leader Jamie that a couple in-person spots opened up, so I could claim them if I hurried.

I changed our registration, but it wound up being a moot point, since Massachusetts is lifting its limits on gatherings this week, and the 5K is June 6.

So we’ll be there, on the start line, ready to walk (we don’t run) a little more than 3 miles. If you want to send some money our way, here you go.


I went to a baseball game for the first time in 21 months, and was reminded again that as things start going back to “normal,” doing normal things is the fantasy.


Paul has a great perspective on being a sports fan.

This is a sweet remembrance from Savannah about her late cousin Pam.

Rosie isn’t sure about the best word for her relationship.

For T.B.C., Joseph shares the experience of his first girl. It does not end well.

Pea Green’s family took a trip for their bank holiday … and the weather was crappy.

How do you know you’re old? When Renata’s list of websites she loved as a kid might as well have been in Greek.

Austin realizes he’s in a pretty good place right now.

One year ago, Giggles decided to make some changes in her life.

Vee unexpectedly was able to get her second shot … and then her Amazon Alexa went haywire.

Burpees are the worst, but given Jamie’s experience with bikes, I can’t blame her for feeling the way she does.

When his grandson is playing baseball, Thomas’ phone is like an old radio.

Cama has some thoughts she needs to address.

Jackie in Italy is getting the hang of distance learning … and got to go out for pizza.

Zoe combines two things that can be dangerous together — nostalgia and Google.


If you have any other answer, try again.

I missed the last out because the radio reception went out in my garage. We all experience things differently.

According to my parents, I was the last kid in kindergarten to learn how to tie my shoelaces because I’m left-handed, and couldn’t figure it out. My father had to sit behind me and guide me through it.

I think I know what this means, but then again, most of the ways of the youth are lost on me.

As the older of two children, this never happens … nope, nope, nope.

:: Hopes no one notices eye-rolling. ::

Yes, or longer.

From what I could tell, people had thoughts on Eurovision. (These were consecutive tweets on my timeline.)


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