The week gone by — May 16

Two tulips have randomly sprouted up outside our house.

They’re in the patch where the bushes will be when they grow in, although right now the green is still poking through the brown stalks left after we cut them last fall.

Eventually, the bushes will grow so large that Suzi and I are convinced the rabbits on our lawn not only live there during the summer, there’s enough space for them to install a large-screen TV.

As for the tulips, we have no idea where they came from, and from little we know, the bulbs may have been sitting dormant for years.

If I felt like it, I guess I could say they’re an example of beautiful things showing up in unexpected places.

Instead, I’ll just say they’re a pleasant surprise and I’ll enjoy them while they last.


What he said … and the weather here has been spectacular that last couple days.

I wrote a couple things about being on the way back. First was going back to the beach where we went last October, only this time it felt more like the beginning of something than the end.

And then Suzi and I got our second shots. After I spent all that night wondering if something was wrong because I felt fine (even though I knew there wasn’t), we had side effects ranging from moderate discomfort to feeling run over by a truck.

However, it only lasted a day, and now we have two shots and are just about rarin’ to go.

I’m a little bit of a homebody, so I don’t see that many people other than my exercise class, pickleball and when Mix and I get together, but I’m looking forward to potentially seeing people again.

It doesn’t mean I will, since I don’t have a ton of friends in the area and, like I said, I’m a bit of a homebody, but I’ll still appreciate the possibility.


Aaron has a very interesting question this week about power and what you’re willing to do with it.

Pea Green has a reminder we could all use from time to time.

Austin is going absolutely out of his mind, and I think someone might need to go up to Maine to take his temperature or something.

According to Renata, nachos never let her down.

Kristian has been away from her blog for a while, but now she’s back with news of getting her second shot and visiting her baby niece.

Bex also makes her return, and has been very busy since we last saw her.

Rosie has realized she defines success differently than others might.

For T.B.C., Eric describes his first time doing stand-up comedy.

Vee has had it with mansplaining.

Graham spent 10 days in isolation with a wife and child who tested positive … and had to deal with a youth soccer coach who took things WAY too seriously.

Savannah and her husband Chad just celebrated one year in their new home.

Paul has found the movie that apparently explains everything.

Jeff gets comfort from something he has had for a really long time.

Becky smells a rat … or maybe it’s a raccoon.

Tangela writes about how her depression and anxiety are in remission, and Fran shares what she did after life got to be “a bit too much to deal with” about six months ago.

People The Huntress knew in high school have been coming out of the woodwork.

There are very specific steps to take when Zoe gets angry.


The city has a couple things going for it.

Except for the fact that I don’t think anything I do could be “lit,” I’d say that if this is true, my birthday is going to be lit. (It’s the day before.)


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