The week gone by — April 11

The family was blocking the end of the footbridge — Mom and Dad, their little girl and I assume the grandparents.

Suzi and I hung back, masks on, waiting for them to move … when all of a sudden the little girl took off running down a trail.

The rest of the family followed. We went the other way.

The glorious weather brought all sorts of people to the arboretum — families along the trails, groups sitting at the picnic tables, a child poking at something in the water with a stick.

It’s early enough that not everything is in bloom yet, but the sun and unseasonable warmth more than made up for it.

Regular service — cooler and cloudier, although not terrible — is scheduled to return in a couple days, but weather permitting, Suzi has planned the annual (although not last year) “It’s actually spring” trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for next week.

Before the arboretum, we stopped at the library nearby, since Suzi had a book order to pick up and the bottom floor was recently reopened, so we could go inside.

I wandered around as she looked at books, and noticed a board game called “Pandemic” sitting on a shelf … for obvious reasons.

Based on reading the back of the box, it looked like the premise of the game is that four diseases have broken out around the world, and the players must work together as a team to fight them.

Everyone working together to stop a pandemic? That’s a concept.


The endless wait for even a chance to get vaccinated had me contemplating desperate options. (By the way, Becky informs me that her mother got her an earlier appointment.)


Pea Green and her family got to have a little joy.

The chocolate isn’t the only sweet thing in Austin’s Easter story.

I have never seen “Pitch Perfect,” so I can’t share an opinion about it. However, Paul did, and he has.

The birds have returned, and this makes Jeff happy.

Rosie has trouble describing herself. I get it.

Renata tells about her favorite baking show, and if you want to get hammered watching it, she can help you there, too.

In case you’re wondering what being 5’2” is like, Becky has the info.

For T.B.C.’s “My First Time” series, Luke writes about the first time he washed a woman.

Savannah went back to her hometown for an afternoon. In related news, there’s a restaurant that sells giant chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon ice cream on top and this house in Gunnison, Colorado, looks nice in case the pending sale falls through (although I probably would get rid of the chicken coop).

Jackie’s stuff is always good, but I love when she writes about obscure baseball players.

When is the best time to have a second baby? Claire, who is pregnant with her second, contemplates that question.

Lindsay loses, then finds, her car keys.

I don’t think Vee is quite sure what to make of something her 3-year-old niece did.

Jamie writes about the importance of having a good support system.

Not long after getting out of lockdown where she lives in Ontario, Cass is back in one.

Zoe realizes that problems she could have are of the high-class, First World variety.

As someone who just wrote about handling pandemic boredom badly, this was especially interesting.


Good news from Switzerland.

Believe me when I tell you … I’ve been friends with her for 35 years, and she’s not the type to ever apologize for who she is.

Yup … they’re doomed.

Greatest movie ever.

Aren’t they cute?

So on top of everything else, they were clairvoyant.

You may think there’s no dust in your house. This will prove you wrong.

If you have ever written or edited on a regular basis, this is your nightmare.


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