The waiting … oh, the waiting

I’m not saying I’m desperate, but am I going to have to go on a dating app to get what I’m looking for?

Granted, it’s going to be pretty tough to sell this to Suzi, but maybe she’ll have less of a problem with it if I say I’m looking for both of us.

Hold on … what did you THINK I was talking about?

Problem is, this method worked for Becky because she lives in Connecticut, where my in-laws got their vaccines right away and everyone over age 16 was eligible to sign up starting April 1

Same for my native state of New York, where my parents and grandmother have already gotten their shots, and my aunt is apparently a vaccination sorcerer, having helped more than 20 people get appointments.

Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts, all I would be able to do on Hinge for the next couple weeks is look for dates — which, to be clear, I’m not going to do because I’m happily married (and, all joking aside, I’m not going to do for vaccine advice) — and my aunt’s wizardry would be wasted because the general public can’t even start until April 19.

Whatever the stated reason why, I’m finding myself getting less patient and more upset.

Not at the people who have gotten shots. Envious? Absolutely. But upset? No way. I’m happy for them.

But it’s frustrating to see people everywhere else showing off their vaccine selfies (and while I’m not a big selfie fan, mainly because I suck at them, keep doing it) as I’m sitting here waiting for the chance.

Then again, Canadians are reportedly jealous of America’s vaccine rollout and going back into lockdowns, so … .

I know that getting vaccinated won’t immediately solve everything. Where it’s required or would just make people more comfortable, I’m perfectly OK with still wearing a mask.

But I want to feel like the day is coming where everything I do doesn’t require negotiating with myself over how safe it is, where the biggest concern about being around other people is if I’ve forgotten how to socialize, where my normal kid-on-Christmas-Day excitement over going to a baseball game or getting on a flight gets turned up all the way.

And that doesn’t happen without a vaccine.

By the way, if it does help at all come April 19, I’m 48 and 5’ 10” with brown hair and blue eyes. I like cats and walks on the beach at sunset …

… and I have an awesome wife that I pet the cat and take those walks with, so if anyone can help hook me up with two appointments, that would be great.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay.


6 thoughts on “The waiting … oh, the waiting

  1. Oh I feel your pain! Here in Canada, the vaccine rollout is painfully slow. I was so excited last week that they opened up pharmacy appointments to people 55+. I went online and registered and now I wait and watch the lucky ones post about their shots online. Someone suggested I try for an appointment in a smaller town but we’re now under a new stay at home order so that’s probably not wise.

    If patience is a virtue, we will all be a virtuous lot by the time this is all over. Sigh.


  2. I am so glad I was able to inspire this post hahah. I actually managed to get an earlier appointment this weekend at CVS thanks to my mom just randomly checking around dinner time tonight. So I’m going with that one instead since I know I’ll be getting Pfizer.

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