The week gone by — April 4

This is a story about an Easter basket.

Well … sort of. And not exactly.

It didn’t start life as an Easter basket. When one of my best friends had her first son, my mother loaded the basket with baby gifts and I took it to the hospital.

Apparently, she uses it as an Easter basket for him to this day, and thinks of my mom every time she pulls it out of the closet.

She now has three boys and a grandson, and her oldest son, the first child for any of my friends, the one who inspired my mother to load up a gift basket … turns 30 this month.

Time marches on … far faster than we’d like sometimes.


A bunch of my buddies helped me answer the question of what we would have done (or not done) if we had known what was coming at the beginning of last March, and they did an awesome job.

Many, many thanks to Lisa, Alexia, Jeff, Rosie, Jackie, Renata, Lindsay and Savannah.


This is really thoughtful stuff from Ian: “The next time your brain gives you grief because you ‘should’ be a certain way but doesn’t give any real reason why, challenge it.”

Jackie got up at 4 a.m. for Opening Day of the baseball season. Unfortunately for her, the Orioles game in Boston was rained out, although they did win when the finally got to play … and Red Sox fans were in midseason form.

Eric writes about the end of his standup comedy career for Smelly Socks and Garden Peas, or you can read it as his own blog

Writing for T.B.C. Michelle tells the story of singing live with a rock band for the first time.

“Kissing her now,” “milking the cow” … or something else? Emily writes about the things we remember, even when they’re wrong.

Austin was happy to be back at work in the studio, but worries he did his job too well.

Eleanor has reasons for hope after the pandemic ends.

No matter what happens, Kristian tries to find a reason to laugh.

Learn all about Lindsay, from A to Z.

Giggles tosses a guy in the bin, and he deserved it.

Vee has an idea for us guys. I’m not going to do it, but I see where she’s coming from.

Cats are the best. Alexis knows.

If you haven’t already, make sure to wish Savannah a happy birthday.

Looking for something new? Jamie suggests a 30-day challenge.

Helena explains why Martinelli’s sparkling cider is so important to her.

Zoe knows there are things she doesn’t know, and it’s really bugging her.

“I’m so ready to be done with this covid.” You know what, dude? We all are, even if we didn’t spend $15,000 to go to Disney World. You still don’t get to be a jerk.


I fully endorse this, if only for the jughandle ban.

Even if it’s one person, it’s so cool when people tell you they like your stuff.

Mine will ignore me when I’m standing next to it.

My philosophy has always been that if someone wants to know who I am that badly, he or she will ask.

If she’s like me, she’ll get to the end of the holiday and wonder where it all went.

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