The week gone by — March 21

There are questions with easy answers, and then there are questions with really easy answers.

“Would you be happier with more control over what happens in your life or more control over your response to what happens?”

— ‘Question of the week #270,” The Confusing Middle 

This was a question with a really easy answer.

Give me that control. If I have control of what happens in my life, I won’t need to worry about my response. 

In related news, the lessons I learned last April may not have completely stuck.

In unrelated news, I’m pretty sure a duck wanted to be my friend the other day. Maybe it thought I had food? 



Since Michelle has determined the first circle of hell, I came up with the second

You know you’re getting older when you’re not sure if that pain is something that will go away or an actual injury. I’m not a fan.


Sabrina tells a story so bad, that you might think it happened in the early days of the last century. Nope, it happened in 1971 … the year before I was born.

For the first time in 368 days, Jackie went to a baseball game.

Becky writes about a year in quarantine, and looks back at her first post from quarantine.

Jeff is involved in a heated battle … or perhaps it’s better to call it a “heating battle.”

Giggles is ashamed, annoyed and frustrated.

Renata is chasing The Muse. It does not like being caught.

Pea Green reminds us that if we keep adapting a little longer, this could all be over soon.

Claire’s family will be getting bigger soon.

Ferrari knows it’s not all men, but when it comes to being afraid and alone at night … .

Lindsay has learned 10 things during remote learning.

Alexa can answer a lot of questions, but Vee managed to stump it. (The actual question is about something that happens to all of us.)

Rosie is ready for spring, and Jamie has ideas for activities

Austin is happy ice hasn’t learned how to climb stairs.

Paul ponders potatoes.

BereavedSingleDad is finding some aspects of at-home schooling problematic.

If Zoe likes you, she’ll always be able to explain why.


Pretty sure my next day not being weird will be my first.

I don’t know what the ratings would be, but it would be appointment-to-view television in this house.

I made that choice a long time ago. I do like peanut butter.

College basketball is more interesting with Georgetown is good, and Georgetown being good with Patrick Ewing coaching seems right. But I will never, ever like or root for it.



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