The week gone by — March 14

The first steps on the journey are always the easiest: the flat ground, the well-marked path, filling in my name, date of birth, race, gender and ethnicity.

But unless the entirety of the path is within what the eye can see, there’s always the chance for an unexpected obstacle. The trail may just end, or have snow which hasn’t melted yet.

The foliage may be too thick to navigate, the stream too large to cross, the CAPTCHA asking me to type words I can’t make out.

So far, though, everything seems fine. I give my address, choose text message for my preferred contact, give my phone number and choose English as the language.

Then, there is danger. Do I have certain medical conditions? No. Do I live in certain kinds of housing? Nope. Am I an essential worker? Negative.

I started the trek knowing I wouldn’t be at the front of the line, but will this be where I get sent home, told to come back another day?

Nope, I’m allowed to keep going. All I have to do is swear that everything I’ve said is true. The end of the trail is in sight, but will I be turned away?

I am not.


This is not an appointment for a vaccine, just a notice that when folks like me are allowed to make them, I will get a text message informing me that I may do so.

Supposedly, that could come as early as April (just 2 1/2 weeks away!) although we’re reminded almost daily that the state gets a limited supply of doses from the federal government, so I’m not expecting a ding on my phone April 1.

But at the very least, someone — whether they’re with the State of Massachusetts, Google or Bill Gates’ Microchip and Mind Control Emporium — knows I want a vaccine, and that’s a start.

By the way, don’t even … Bill Gates’ Microchip and Mind Control Emporium is strictly a creation of my sarcastic mind.


Great writing makes me do many things (although I forgot to mention one … write better), but there’s one thing in particular it inspires. The post was part of a collaboration with my pal Renata, and she wrote about getting so immersed in something that it hurts for it to end.

It’s only March, so the insanely good weather we had this week won’t last, but I hope it’s just one sign of better days ahead.


It’s Mother’s Day in the UK, and Mel remembers her mother.

Here in the United States, Mother’s Day isn’t until May 9, but International Women’s Day was March 8, so Jamie wrote about women who inspire her.

Lilly reminds us … Sarah Everard was just walking home.

Lindsay steps outside her hilarious tales of lockdown life to write about a pair of socks and their connection to her late aunt for Smelly Socks and Garden Peas, and it is so good.

Rosie explains why it’s great to be able to buy green bananas.

Pea Green has advice how to (or how not to) throw a child’s birthday party in lockdown.

Becky wants to know how we sleep.

Curious about what a director of marketing does? Vee explains. It’s a lot.

Middle Age Fanclub is back in school, and Fran developed a bingo game for parents.

Savannah recently took a winter trip to some local waterfalls. They look nice.

Thomas spells out the A to Z of lockdown.

Meanwhile, The Yorkshire Dreamer is nervous about lockdown ending.

Austin ponders life’s compromises.

Michelle’s ambition to be an academic didn’t last, but she did enjoy going to conferences. 

Paul has some pet peeves about television shows.

Jeff writes about the seasons of friendship.

James’ 2-year-old daughter Little Proclaims has some thoughts.

Zoe has a new boyfriend. In related news, there was a bit of a noise issue with her neighbor.

An ode to angry geese at the ballpark. Yes, you read that right.

”It’s hard to have hope, when you’re busy surviving—trying to survive, as best you can, with all the mess. And the quiet. And the utter absence of things. Places, both familiar and unfamiliar, suddenly inaccessible. Losing people, grieving them, grieving so many things. It’s been terrible and hard, in ways there aren’t always words for.”


I ask that all the time.

If you haven’t seen this yet, it is awesome, although I would freak out if I were bowling and a drone came buzzing by.

It is … what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yes … “awesome.”

Please tell me what that feels like!

If I did this, no one would see me for a while.

Actually … I do.


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