Memories of snowstorms past

I had about six inches of snow to clean up this morning, practically a light workout after last week’s 18 inches or so and giant plow-induced drifts at the top of my driveway.

For some reason, however, I felt like someone had run over me with a truck when I was all done. Fortunately, it appeared to have just been early morning exertion combined with not eating much for breakfast — I did last week’s work after lunch — so a little bit of rest and a small plate of pasta had me feeling like new again.

But thanks to the magic of Facebook Memories, I was reminded that feeling a touch wobbly-legged was far from the most-notable snow-related incident on this day.

I learned something important tonight while working on the plow guy’s latest handiwork … having the sky get very bright, very fast at 9:20 p.m. has a way of focusing one’s mind to get the hell back in the house as soon as humanly possible!

— Feb. 8, 2013

No, when it comes to thundersnow, Jim Cantore, I am not.

And then there was February 2015, also known as the month where it never stopped snowing.

It sort of got to us after a while … .

I’m not saying the weather is stressing us out, but (Suzi) just put the U.S.-Panama soccer game on the TV, and when she saw the weather was nice, said, “Damn them all to hell!”

— Feb. 8, 2015

At least I had something enjoyable to look forward to that night.

Perhaps I will take my mind off the endless snow by tossing off a comment or two (or more) about the Grammys. Set your liking and blocking functions accordingly!

Yes, I used to provide running Facebook commentary on awards shows. Plenty of people found it enjoyable, but it wasn’t for everybody.

It appears my thoughts included predicting Sam Smith’s future that involved Rick Astley serving me burgers at the McDonald’s in Liverpool, my lack of desire to see Madonna or Mary J. Blige perform, Arcade Fire being basically a one-year wonder (nailed it!), Jennifer Hudson being too old to work with R. Kelly by virtue of being an actual adult, the days when Gwen Stefani had pink hair, thinking Hozier sounded like someone I couldn’t identify, wondering if Chris Brown was listening (I’m assuming to something about domestic violence) and needing an explanation for whatever Sia was doing.

I believe the sources of my confusion were not recognizing Kristen Wiig or that Sia was hiding at the back of the stage with her back turned.

Meanwhile, Suzi was spending the evening watching the BAFTAs, including her tremendous weakness for British men and Stephen Frey entering to “Uptown Funk.”

What can I say? When you get a blizzard each week for a month, you get your entertainment where you can.


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