The week gone by — Dec. 20

When I first went to college, I met a girl.

No, this isn’t one of those stories, although we got along well for a time, and she was pretty cute if I remember correctly.

We eventually wound up in different circles, and I think it just sort of happened, although it didn’t help that I …

… continually called her by the wrong name.

It was perfectly innocent. Each freshman got a little book with the names and pictures of everyone in our class, and I got her confused with someone else. I don’t remember how it got sorted, just that I felt really stupid about it.

I haven’t had a reason to think about her in more than 25 years, but for some reason, when Michelle decided to pull some awkward moments out of her clutter box, it pulled that memory from mine.


Whether it’s a weather forecast or anything else in life, it’s important to read things properly (although as it turned out, we did get about a foot of snow).

There was actually a time … this year, even … where people did stuff without thoughts of a virus being front and center.


Alexia wrote a poem for Christmas.

Pea Green understands the value of a good pair of pajamas.

Renata has her own 12 Days of Christmas.

Did you know Santa has interns? I didn’t either, but according to Austin, he does.

After an off year last year, Savannah and Chad are roaring back into the Christmas spirit.

She’s struggling at times, but Enn knows she has to make Christmas magic for her kids this year.

Corona Christmas has started in Lindsay’s house. It’s … it’s going well.

I’m guessing Cass has had better Fridays.

Vee has a bad feeling about something. I can’t imagine why.

What are Becky’s favorite Christmas movies?

Rosie’s enjoying her new hobby.

The Huntress realizes some classic movies haven’t aged well.

Writing for T.B.C., Thomas provides a 2020 twist to a Christmas classic.

Zoe’s brain works faster than the rest of her body, and she finds it annoying.


The clean getaway does not exist, and while I haven’t fully researched it, I’m guessing the bigger the holiday or longer the break, the bigger the hassle.

The delivery … the anticipation … the hope … and then nothing.

If it didn’t happen yesterday or today, there’s no better than a 50/50 chance I’ll remember exactly when it was.

I am the giver of pickles. Suzi is the taker of pickles. It works well for us.

His neglect was my gain, since Liverpool won, but I probably went a shade too far in suggesting that one of his kids mistake it for a dish rag.


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