The week gone by — Nov. 15

I wanted to watch something, probably a NASCAR race, that Suzi wasn’t interested in, so I went into the other room.

When it was over, Suzi had something I didn’t recognize on the living room TV.

”What are you watching?” I asked.

”Sherlock,” she replied.

I’ve never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales about the famous detective, and still haven’t, nor had I ever seen any of the other televised or movie iterations of the stories.

And I still haven’t. 

I was vaguely familiar what she had on because I had heard people seemed to like that Cumberbatch guy, but never had any intention of watching it myself.

But I watched the rest of the episode … and I actually liked it.

So we watched some more episodes … and we liked them, too.

We wound up watching the whole series, and I wish there was more.

The other night, though, we were bored, so we threw on the first episode, “A Study in Pink.” The next night, we watched the second episode, “The Blind Banker.”

You know what? Still good.


A trip to the museum showed how deeply COVID is ingrained into our lives now, even if we don’t have any first-hand experience with it.


I wouldn’t imagine myself splurging, except for maybe one thing.

Although if you’re so inclined …


Paul gets a geography lesson, and wonders how American elections work. (Don’t worry, Paul … plenty of Americans aren’t sure, either.)

And I’m pretty sure Becky would jump in front of a train for a certain khaki-clad maestro of the election night big board.

Renata likes dancing so much, she even enjoyed it in gym class in high school. 

Alice wonders why we get emotional about fictional characters. (My take is that they’re well-written, which makes us care about them.)

Everybody needs to wish Vee a happy birthday.

Rosie’s trying to keep a positive outlook. She’s much better at it than I am.

Savannah’s dog Wally used to be small. That is no longer the case.

Sarah knows where her strength comes from.

Lindsay is having some trouble making herself understood.

Zoe likes gifts, except for this one thing. Do not get her this one thing.

Pea Green remembers.

Michelle and her family don’t have great luck with gardening.

Helen’s experiences growing up were probably pretty different than yours or mine.

My Christmas amnesty message has clearly caught on. And Greg … pipe down.


Because having your campaign crash and burn in one of those fancy, modern family bowling centers wouldn’t be the same.

The lessons we take from this time will last forever.

Although I haven’t cooked spaghetti in a long time, not only do I do this, I also cut it on the plate.

Still too optimistic.

Unless I put some in a bowl and go into another room, opening a bag of Doritos means half of them are about to be gone.

My cat Sasha feels her pain.

Happy birthday, stuffed sloth!

No matter how late I’ve stayed up the night before, I think I’ve slept until 10:30 … I don’t know … twice in my life?

15 thoughts on “The week gone by — Nov. 15

  1. Isn’t IKINTST awesomely brilliant?! And those dinosaurs are just so right, every single time.
    Can’t believe you haven’t encountered Sherlock before, Cumberbatch is just amazing. We watched them all religiously, trying to guess the outcome and never ever getting it right. You can’t outsmart sherlock!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve learned to never guess mysteries until at least halfway through!

      A few years ago, we were touring the BBC, and the guide was talking about the radio plays they do. The guide said that even after becoming a big star, Cumberbatch would still come to BBC once in a while to do a play when his schedule allowed it. (I don’t know if he still does.)

      I’m sure people had to check schedules and make phone calls for that to happen, but I always find it more fun to imagine it being something like Andy Robertson showing up to a Sunday kickabout in the park and asking “Hey, you guys need one more?”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just wanted to say thank you.
    Not only did you posting this result in quite a few people stopping to wish me a happy birthday, but I also had quite a few more hits today in my stats because of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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