The week gone by — Nov. 1

This time, it was just an annoyance.

It was just something to make you say “Really? Snow? In October?”

This time.

It was a few inches this time, a lot of it gone the next day, a lot of it easily scraped away with leaves. 

A first for the neighbor’s puppy, just tall enough to bound through.

A chance for local news crews to practice their snow coverage.

It won’t always be this way. There will be days with more, and it will last longer.

But this time, it was just an annoyance.

This time.


Going to the beach is a great way to get away from the world. The problem is that the world is waiting for you when you get back.


I find myself worrying about things so odd, there has to be a word for it.


So I talked about a thing, based on a story … that apparently is so full of crap its eyes are brown. I feel bad about this, and took my post down.


Jackie loves baseball, but this year, it was never more than a distraction.

Pea Green knows it’s important to pass down family traditions.

Rosie has lost touch with some people along the way, and I can vouch that it stinks when it happens for no reason other than life happening.

Renata has all the best tricks for making friends in your 20s, and I have a feeling we would have gotten along well had we met in college. (This would have required me to be considerably younger, but … .)

The Single Vegas Girl got an offer that she somehow managed to refuse.

Michelle thinks one kind of Halloween costume is terribly unimaginative.

Paul answered my Halloween questions (actually a series of questions that I added one to), as did Becky.

The Huntress is struggling with her desire to write.

Cama correctly notes a difficult question to answer these days … “How are you?

Zoe’s fighting imposter syndrome.

Bex’s earliest memory is a funny one … well, it’s funny now. I’m not sure she found it so funny then.

Vee won an award. She’s proud. She should be.


I jokingly asked what I had to do to get two Swiss passports (although I probably meant visas), but no luck.


We were discussing people getting yurts for Tuesday night.

I believe the term for this carving is “on brand.”

9 thoughts on “The week gone by — Nov. 1

  1. Man, poor Atlantic Monthly. They’re a generally reliable source and I’ve subscribed for years. Their retraction and explanation is nearly as long as the original article. But, I’m glad they did that … and explained in detail the issues they encountered. I’m not sure there are many young people considering journalism today (I got my journalism degree in the ’80s, when Watergate was still a motivating factor for me and many of my classmates). I hope that instructors in j-programs use that article and the retraction as an important learning tool.

    And, P.S. … thanks for the shout out … my fact checker (aka Editor/Husband) assures me that everything is correct in my post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One thing I’m not sure about from my own perspective is how much confirmation bias was involved. I’m a firm believer that sports are great for kids until adults screw it up, and I find parents like the ones cited in the article a scourge. So did it play into my existing beliefs that I didn’t read it carefully enough? Even though I don’t know much about fencing, should I have thought an anecdote about a gushing neck wound (which was apparently how Erik Wemple’s debunking of the story started) to be a bit weird?

      Maybe I’ll have a chance to put this lesson to use again. Who knows?


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