The week gone by — Oct. 18

Perhaps you saw the story the wedding in Brooklyn that was expected to draw 10,000 people before it got shut down for COVID-related reasons.

Yet there was a quote in another story about the wedding, from the governor of my former home state, that threw me for even more of a loop.

“Look, you can get married. You just can’t have 1,000 people at your wedding,” (New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo) added. “You get the same result at the end of the day. You’re married. It’s also cheaper.” 

During my futile attempt at training to become an insurance salesman, we had an assignment to list 500 people we knew. If I got anywhere near 500, it was because I was throwing in friends of friends, and friends of my parents’ friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in years.

When Suzi and I were planning our wedding, we did some cutting for space reasons, but still invited almost 200 people. About half of them showed up, and our wedding didn’t feel small by any stretch of the imagination.

I’d be willing to guess most of the weddings I’ve been to have been roughly the same size, and certainly not much larger than that.

Forget about 10,000 people … who’s having weddings with 1,000 guests?


I had two, very specific items to get at the grocery store (even though I wound up getting three).


I am now having weird dreams based on current events, which is very exciting.


Giggles is halfway through two weeks of isolation after one of her students tested positive for COVID.

Becky is very, very optimistic … not that there will be events to plan for in 2021, but that there will BE a 2021.

Claudia dresses for Zoom meetings the way I suspect most people dress for Zoom meetings.

If I ever felt like starting a French version of this blog, Renata could help me out.

Savannah took someone’s trash (or at least something left on the street) and made it a treasure.

I really want to say something to the characters in Austin’s story.

Pea Green and Himself are recovering, but it’s not always easy.

Paul remembers when being a sports fan was just fun.

Zoe makes some interesting connections.

Last week, Vee asked us what we’re thankful for. This week, she tells us what she’s thankful for.

Nick reminds us that we’d better enjoy it while we can, folks.

Strap yourselves in for this one, folks, because this … this is a lot.

I must say, in the great Switzerland-versus-Austria yodel rivalry, this is one for Team Austria.

This is well worth a read, but be warned. It’s about suicide, and it’s a very tough read.


You can’t fight it. Don’t even try.

I was just following the GPS! (Because I am the type who would follow the GPS up a tree.)

Nobody likes a sellout.

Rare that one of these is actually a difficult choice, but I’m going to say Milky Way and not like myself very much for it.

Suzi … if you’re reading this … please don’t ever do this. People will learn far too much about my personality!

Good news! Good news!

What do you know? Me too!


4 thoughts on “The week gone by — Oct. 18

  1. I actually went to a Muslim marriage once that had over 1200 guest attend (pretty normal numbers I gather). And since most of those would gift anywhere from 100 euros and up – they’d still be expected to make a profit.

    It felt like a damn festival. And unimaginable in these current times. Weird shiz!

    Ps. Thanks for the mention 🥳🍾


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