The week gone by — Oct. 4

Writing a resume is one of those things where if you ask 10 people what’s important, you’re likely to get 15 different answers.

However, you can ignore all of that, because I have found the only secret you need.

As a matter of fact, I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t think of it before.

Every employer is looking for someone with gumption, someone who won’t leave the job undone, and what says that better than putting away laundry the day you wash it?

In the interview, I can hit them with being a bulldog about matching socks, and not turning the white clothes pink (even though my household includes two pink T-shirts).

And then, to close the deal, I’m going to make my mastery of loading the dishwasher the second line of my resume.

The way I see it, companies will be beating a path to my door.

Image by Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay.


Sometimes you do stuff because … why not?


Lots of people were out, and businesses made sure everyone knew they were open. But not many people came.


Tony hopes 2021 will tell a different story. Don’t we all?

After three months, Rosie’s ready for her next challenge, if only someone will give her one.

I’m pretty sure every parent has empty threats they use on their kids. Fran tells some of hers.

Pea Green had one of those days.

Renata discusses what she likes in a podcast.

Claire realized she has changed as a mother.

Lindsay has advice for a certain world leader.

Savannah has a way to keep herself accountable regarding her fitness program.

Austin spent the week looking for an escape.

Malena wonders about this whole “adulting” thing.

Paul has thoughts for his birthday … just not 29 of them, because that would be too many. (Wait until he hits his 40s.)

If you have good people in your life, Vee wants you to make sure they know it.

Zoe writes about procurement … and sherpas … and dating … and trust me, it works.

I’m not necessarily this understanding and generous toward my fellow humans, but life really does suck.


The enemy of my enemy …

(Earl and I have been Twitter pals for years, so I’m just saying … I know how this hurts him.)

You had to come up with RULES and everything for ghost runners.

Come for the advice he got — from someone claiming to be a professional — to “maximise the polarity between the masculine and the feminine.”

Stay for “emotional tampon.”

As a sports fan, I probably would have been OK with this when I was single, but it may not be for everyone.

Ahhh … the innocence of the Before Times.


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