The week gone by — Sept. 27

Shivam is a 10-year-old boy from the West Midlands in England, and is mad about cricket.

According to his mother, Rosie D., Shivam watches regardless of the format or who’s playing, and also loves women’s cricket.

Shivam started playing cricket a couple years ago, and while he was a little behind the other kids, he’s learning … and he looks pretty snazzy in his cricket gear.

I’m an American in my late 40s, and cricket is basically a mystery to me. I’ve read about it, and people have tried to explain it to me, but I just don’t get it.

However, Shivam’s obsession with cricket, that I do get, because I was crazy about baseball at his age.

I didn’t just love my Little League games, I loved the practices. When my brother was old enough to play, I went to all of his games and practices.

There wasn’t a lot of baseball on TV then, but then one of the local stations picked up a weekly Yankees game from WPIX, and unless they were on the West Coast, I watched all the time.

If they weren’t on TV, I’d listen on the radio, and I discovered that at night, if I tuned my radio carefully enough, I could get games from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Houston.

So even though I’ll probably never understand what Shivam is up to, I definitely understand how he feels about it.


All we wanted were flu shots. It got slightly more complicated.


What got me thinking about the holidays on a warm day in September?


Pea Green talks homework … how much is the right amount?

Becky shares what she likes about the fall, and Savannah and her husband Chad celebrated the season with a drive.

Ali found a note from her mother.

Julie’s focus is on appreciating what we have.

Renata’s doing better working at home than she anticipated, but there’s one thing missing.

Rosie’s working on knowing her worth, even though she’s unemployed. (Believe me when I tell you the struggle is real.)

Austin has been dealing with some stress lately.

Zoe answers the question of not whether she would like herself if she met herself, but whether she’d date herself.

Jan knows the words are there, and it’s OK for them not to be perfect right away.

Vee says that if you have a passion, give it a go.

Sometimes … your perfect apple crumble isn’t quite right.


I concur.

From the mouths of babes.

Maybe this is how I need to think about Christmas planning. (See, and listen to, “What I talked about,” above).


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