The week gone by — Sept. 20

I’m probably only aware of the existence of Chip and Joanna Gaines by osmosis … because I know people who are fans of theirs or something like that.

I knew they did some kind of home-improvement show — I had to look up that it was called “Fixer Upper,” and it’s apparently coming back in a very exciting development — but I mostly only see those at my parents’ house or in the waiting room of a doctor’s or dentist’s office where people can watch or ignore at their leisure but at least no one will complain to the owner about whatever news channel was on the TV.

I should have known that the TV show was part of a whole “lifestyle brand” that includes a cookbook by Joanna Gaines called “Magnolia Table.”

Suzi recently bought the book, saying there were some recipes that looked interesting — the chicken and dumplings absolutely have to happen — and the other night she made an almond chicken tenderloins recipe that Joanna called “a slightly grown-up version of chicken fingers” that are “not so sophisticated that my kids don’t love them.”

In other words, Suzi figured they’d be right up my alley … and they were really good.

What can I tell you? The woman knows me (even if I like to think I’m not quite as extreme as these folks).


Pea Green (who’s stuck at home following Le Mans this year) dubbed me a Golden Blogger, meaning, among other things, that I answered a question about my last thoughts before I go to sleep at night. 


What do an unexpected find at the grocery store and a birthday parade for a 5-year-old have in common? They’re both very 2020 stories.


Bex was one of the people I dubbed a Golden Blogger, so among the questions for her to answer was to name something or someone she irrationally hates.

Becky is also Golden in my blogging book, and if we ever wound up at a ballgame together, I’ll know who not to introduce her to.

Camilla may not have learned to love soccer over in Europe, but loading up with your favorite team’s gear? That, she can do.

Rosie writes about post-lockdown life, including sending her children back to school. 

And students being back in school means teachers like Giggles are also back in school.

Make sure to wish Savannah and Chad a happy anniversary.

Ashley shares 15 boring facts about herself, not all of which are boring. (Ketchup in mashed potatoes, anyone?)

Renata doesn’t do much halfway, which means relaxing can be a problem.

Everyone’s father says “Dad things,” right? Michelle wrote some of her dad’s.

Alice wanted to know how people defined happiness. So she asked

Austin tells his idea of paradise.

Vee feels like she dodged a bullet.

Tammy is focusing on the things that make her happy.

A Dating Dad just turned 40, and while he says he life is a 10/10, there is still something that could make it even better.

Fran got thrown off Twitter, but absolutely got her money’s worth … and that’s not even the strangest thing that has happened in her life lately.

I wouldn’t mind having some of the words Jackie throws away.

A mistake has Zoe wondering what else she has been doing wrong without realizing it.

Having gone from virtual exercise classes, to outdoor classes and now back to virtual because it started getting late earlier (h/t Yogi), I definitely feel this way.


Mmmm … Pringles. And rose petals or something like that, I guess.

That … that’s nice.

I wouldn’t either.

We could all use more of those.

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