The week gone by — Sept. 13

Oregon was supposed to be a “What the heck?” trip

A “We haven’t done that place yet” trip.

But that was before Portland, before the rose gardens and the mansion.

Before my first baseball game last year, before leaving the rules behind.

Before Bend, which I’m still not convinced is a real place.

Before oh … my … goodness … Crater Lake.

Before the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and driving through the mountains before a glorious conclusion alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Before we fell hard for the place.

So yeah, all the stories about the West Coast being on fire suck, but the ones from Oregon feel like they suck a bit more (plus I do know someone who lives there), plus it appears looniness has been unleashed.


We can’t travel for real, but we still had an adventure.


What’s the show that got me interested in theater?


Rachel is just so good. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, you should read her stuff.

Pea Green’s family had a health scare, but fortunately, everyone is OK.

Josh took advantage of the sourdough craze to engage in some pizza experimentation.

Rosie reflects on four years with her boyfriend.

The CEO of Vee’s company seems to get it.

There was pretty much no contest for the highlight of Becky’s week.

Sima has ideas for family activities in the West End of London.

Savannah’s husband Chad has a grandma whose house may be the place to go on Fridays.

Lindsay is ready to be productive … when she gets around to it.

Tatiana credits being a Mets fan with saving her life.

I enjoy Philadelphia. Cassie’s photos remind me that I should get back there sometime.

Three cheers for Cass!

Normally, my weekly calls with my parents last 45 minutes to an hour. When the lockdown started, we had several weeks 90 minutes or longer, and I think it was just because we wanted to talk to someone outside our homes.

This is about as surprising as a day that ends in “y.”


Meanwhile, the bad people …

It’s all in how you look at it.

I was wondering where those horses came from.

So it’s obsession when you let it control your sleeping hours? Good to know.

I have no idea what she’s talking about, as the person who walks at the same time every day, the neighborhood dog, an excitable puppy, a pair of siblings and their new friend galavant on the street in front of our house, and I wonder why the bunnies haven’t been on our lawn as much lately.

You going to eat the other half of that cookie?

As a good friend likes to say, “Don’t tempt worse.”


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