All about the details

The president of my alma mater recently sent an update on the school’s reopening, and it’s so far … so good.

According to the report, after a week’s worth of classes, there had only been four positive COVID-19 tests, and two of those had been “safely resolved.”

Contrast that with another local college, where they’ve already suspended in-person classes for two weeks, and the governor has sent a “SWAT team” to help deal with the situation.

“It seems like the smallest thing, but I don’t think a campus could function if people didn’t hold doors for each other. Imagine how much time would be lost, a second or two at a time, if everyone had to stop, open the door, stop, open the door … over and over again.”

— “Things I learned in college, but not in class,” Aug. 19, 2018

I personally question why any schools are going back right now, but I also understand any decision — so long as it’s being made carefully and in good faith — is at best … at best … trying to find the best of no good options.

The college’s reopening plan was included with the president’s message, so I gave it a look.

It’s 16 pages long, and seemed like it was pretty detailed, with plenty of precautions.

But then I read this.

“A valid ID card will be required for entry to all buildings, and no individual may hold or prop open exterior doors for any other person, in order to assist with contact tracing efforts.”

It probably wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think of, but it’s smart that someone thought of it.

But if any school has to get to that level of detail to avoid outbreaks — and again, well-done for doing it — I do wonder what the point of it all is.

3 thoughts on “All about the details

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  2. Ooof. This is a very tricky time and I can only imagine what it’s like being a teacher, administrator, or parent right now. Or college student! I wish there was a way for everyone to stay at home, get a significant deduction on their fees, and stay safe until we come out ahead, but I’m not in charge. Lol. Great post!

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    1. Thanks! The friends we were visiting with the other night were upset that their school district went with a choice of hybrid or virtual, because they thought it should have been all virtual. The interesting thing was that their 13-year-old gave a more-mature explanation for why she wanted to have school at home than a lot of adults!

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