Christmas? In August?

Sure, it’s only mid-August, but why not get yourself a pumpkin spice latte?

And grab some Halloween candy while you’re at it.

Hey … go big! Hallmark’s Christmas movies don’t start until October, but you can listen to songs of the season right now.

And there’s a decent chance one of the HBO channels is showing “Love Actually” right now.

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The week gone by — Aug. 16

I wondered what Suzi could have done for her to say I was going to be very disappointed in her.

Turns out, when she was shopping that morning, she went through the 8-items-or-less line with 12 items, which she knew was a pet peeve of mine from my days working in a grocery store.

It’s also really out of character for her, but she explained that she only did it because the cashier beckoned her, so I let it go … this time.

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When It’s Safe: The First Week of My Post-Pandemic Social Calendar | The New Yorker

7:30 p.m.: At the bar, everyone ideally drinks out of a single trough, as we ignore the fact that the world is still full of numerous easily communicable diseases. Start a trend of consensual but platonic open-mouth kissing as a way to greet casual friends. I’ve missed everyone so much!
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Very clever stuff … and surely inspired by Buffalo Sauce Everywhere!

Holiday 2020 days 13-15 — Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

“We drove along the coast to Mablethorpe, parked up and found burgers and hotdogs on the sea front. We watched the waves and the brave people on the beach paddling despite the strong wind and cooler temperatures.”

Holiday 2020 days 13-15 — Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

Outdoor fun, celebrating a birthday and trying to plan Christmas. If you like the stories, make sure to go over to Smelly Socks and Garden Peas and let them know!

Holiday 2020 days 10-12 — Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

“After a picker lunch, himself and I took the boys out on their bikes, down the same lanes and tracks that I’d explored as a child. The landscape in south Lincolnshire is stunningly beautiful. The population is so sparse the fields go on forever and the sky is huge. There’s not a lot to do for the same reason, but the quiet and nostalgia have their value too.”

Holiday 2020 days 10-12 — Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

Lots of good family stuff here. As always, if you enjoy the post, make sure to give it some love on their site!

Looks like I won’t miss much

Even though I’m searching for a calendar with “Never” to go along with January, February, March, etc., so I can make plans for the 12th, I’m always interested in reading about what will happen when … you know … is done.

And I’ve had a thing or two to say about it.

So when I see an article titled “11 Supposedly Fun Things We’ll Never Do The Same Way Again,” I’m going to notice.

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A fear I managed to overcome

I thought of this, originally posted May 17, 2017, after seeing Michael Portillo visit Montmorency Falls in Quebec, including a zipline across the falls, which is still a bridge too far for me.

When I tell people I don’t believe in “bucket lists” because I don’t want to die, they laugh at me.

Of course, it’s going to happen someday, but I’m terribly afraid of it … not just the “dying” part, but the “being dead” part. I’m inclined to believe in the afterlife, but what if this is it?

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We can be ‘on-brand,’ but we’re not actually ‘brands’

“Which word in the English language annoys you?”

Asking me about something that annoys me? Talk about fish in a barrel!

“Piggybacking” annoys me, for reasons previously stated.

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The week gone by — Aug 9

Oooooh … there’s new email.

Ugh … it’s another one from the job board where most of the links are dead or months old.

What’s this one? Just a newsletter that I signed up for that sometimes has useful info, but not usually.

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