Nice to meet you … me

This should have been an easy one.

But it wasn’t.

Which kind of has my head spinning.

Naturally, you want the answer to be “yes,” maybe even “Of course! Why wouldn’t I? I’m awesome!” if you’re feeling particularly good about yourself that day.

And my easy answer would be yes.

After all, plenty of people like me. Not to brag, but I think I’m usually pleasant to be around, pretty intelligent, have a pretty good sense of humor, try to treat people right.

If nothing else, having another me to hang out with means there’d be someone else who can relate to the lunacy that sometimes comes out of my mouth. (I have long joked that I started a blog so I could vent to someone other than Suzi.)

But — and this is where the question throws me — I also know myself.

I know that I’m moody, that I get frustrated and crabby when things don’t go how I want them to.

I know that I’m a pessimist, that I can always find the dark cloud in every silver lining. I have a “good friend” known as Cy Nical, who generally assumes the worst about everything.

I know — and this one may surprise you — that until I get comfortable with someone, I’m actually very reserved. Don’t worry, though … once it does happen, I never shut up.

Now, would I know that if I were meeting myself as a total stranger, and not literally another version of myself? 

Well, no.

But what if I did know I was meeting my clone, warts and all?

Sure, at the end of the day, I like myself because I know that I’m a good person … and I don’t have much choice in the matter.

It’s not like I get to choose to be someone else, but would I put up with it in someone else?

Although … Suzi lives with all the parts of me I’m not crazy about, and she hasn’t run off screaming yet.

It actually makes a fascinating question if you tend to overthink things.

By the way, have I mentioned I sometimes overthink things?

9 thoughts on “Nice to meet you … me

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  2. I think variety is important and most people aren’t programmed to like other people just like them above people who are different. I don’t think I’d like me, I’d wish the I would shut the F up and let me get a word in edgeways. I’d think I was an over thinker and way too wound up.

    My favourite people are really chilled out and kinda hippies. Very different from me.

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  3. Great post! I’ve asked myself this question a lot of times and have been victim to, like you, over-thinking it. Also, I’m very similar with being reserved at first. Though I think that could be difficult to make a great impression, I also try to be as friendly, smiley, twinkly-eyed as possible to make up for what seems like shyness. Anyway, I think that most of us are our own greatest enemy, and we’d probably give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. I hope.

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