Waiting to go home

Ten years ago, I went to Canandaigua, New York, to spend a few days in one of our company’s offices as part of a management-training program.

I enjoyed my time there. Everyone was friendly. The work was interesting, and the town was lovely in the evening.

Plus, they took me to lunch at the Wegmans food court, which may well have been life-changing.


I was originally going to drive from where I lived on the South Shore of Massachusetts until I remembered that I hate long drives, and six hours is a long drive.

So I took a short flight from Boston to Rochester, rented a car and drove to Canandaigua.

Right after I pulled onto the Thruway, I found the Yankees game on the radio and saw two or three deer on a plateau off to my right.

Yup, I was back in my home state.

“… is going to be more familiar with the Rochester airport than I planned. Flight is delayed 90 minutes … so far.”

Facebook message, 5:54 p.m.

I’m pretty sure the weather was good, so I don’t remember the reason for the delay, but I found out about it — I think as an automated phone call — while I was putting gas in my rental car … in other words, right outside the airport.

A friend who lives in the area said we could have gotten together if I gave her more notice, and I would have if I had gotten more notice, but no such luck.

“A delayed flight, a girl yammering about her surgery at Tufts tomorrow for her detached retina and the guy who tried to get in her hotel room last night (it was double-booked) and TWO Daughtry songs in one day. I have clearly angered the gods.

(BTW, retina girl is telling it to at least the third person I’ve heard.)”

7 p.m.

Today, the eye-related yammering may have been a conversation over text (better for all of us, really), or she would have been using earphones or Bluetooth, which would have made me think she was talking to herself strangely until I noticed.

Gets me every time.

My buddy Pizz chimed in with “At least it wasn’t Nickelback” … because Nickelback is the accepted avatar for crappy music, which I’ve never understood in a world where Fall Out Boy and Coldplay exist.

Or Daughtry.

I don’t know if “cosplay” was a term people used a lot back then, but that’s how Daughtry always came across to me: “WE’RE SUCH ROCKERS! LOOK AT US ROCK! YEAH … ROCK!”

Although, in the credit-where-it’s-due department, Chris Daughtry does a pretty good cover of Def Leppard’s “Photograph” with Santana.

“Gods must still be miffed at me … another half-hour added to first delay. Retina Girl nowhere to be found, K.D. Lang playing.“

8:35 p.m.

Yes, in 90 minutes, “Retina Girl” became a proper name, although I don’t have the foggiest idea of what happened to her after that.

Not that k.d. lang doesn’t have a distinctive voice, but if I recognized her music in the airport without much effort, it was probably something off her “Ingenue” album, which was quite good and most likely the one the average  person associates with her.

Let it be known that during this whole time, Suzi made sure to give me her full support in the comments.

“Take your time…the Phillies are on ESPN and Chase Utley is back! :-)”

I don’t remember if she took me to the airport, and therefore had to pick me up whenever I landed (probably), but even if she wasn’t, the delay meant more uninterrupted time with her baseball guy.

It’s cool … I was a fan of his, too.

“… is (finally) home.”

11:03 p.m.

As flight delays go, this was probably closer to the “annoyance” side of the scale, although I do annoy easily, especially when I’m traveling alone.

And in the end, for reasons I won’t get into here, the management training did absolutely nothing to help my career. When I did finally get into management, the program had nothing to do with it.

But we’ll always have Wegmans, and Retina Girl.

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