The week gone by — Aug. 16

I wondered what Suzi could have done for her to say I was going to be very disappointed in her.

Turns out, when she was shopping that morning, she went through the 8-items-or-less line with 12 items, which she knew was a pet peeve of mine from my days working in a grocery store.

It’s also really out of character for her, but she explained that she only did it because the cashier beckoned her, so I let it go … this time.

“My feet advance, as if I were in an airport on a moving walkway. Everything around me seems to still. I walk over to the unmasked man. ‘Excuse me, sir, I need to ask you to put on a mask. It’s a store requirement.’

‘I already talked to your manager,’ he says, smirking. ‘I have a medical condition.’”

— “The Grocery Stories: Unmasking the unmasked,” Mary Ann D’Urso, The Boston Globe

I have always said that “The customer is always right” is a perfectly good philosophy, except that the customers eventually learned it.

“A few minutes later, my manager is nearby. My colleague calls out to him, ‘What’s with the guy not wearing a mask?’

He repeats the man’s words. He says that in these situations, management was instructed to let unmasked people shop.”

It’s bad enough that we weren’t allowed to tell people who thought 12 cans of soup counted as one item that they were in the wrong line, but that’s not literally a potential life-and-death matter.

Management shouldn’t leave this up to the employees, and if employees do have to deal with it, they should have their backs.


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Never let your ego write checks it can’t cash.

Sounds like a plan.


They are glorious!

Blowing is a bit weird, but whatever. But not having ice cream for two years?

I just want to know why everything hurts longer.

Hasn’t worked that way for me. Anyone else have better luck?

Photo of a woman shopping responsibly by Anna Shvets on


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