Remembering the silly stories

There’s no great reason to revisit that there are apparently different versions of yodeling that are at odds with one another, and there is only one solution as far as I’m concerned.

“I want to see yodel battles.

The world needs Swedes and Austrians on mountain peaks yodeling blistering-hot insults at the other like these two masters of the craft.”

Also … a lawsuit over a call in a kickball game.

“First of all, it’s kickball, but I can’t say I’d be above going a little nuts over a bad call in a kickball game.

But then we get into the accusations that the mayor said, “This will be the last time you ever represent this town. I own this town” and not just the lawsuit from the umpire, but asking the governor and attorney general to get involved.”

But hey, they’re just funny stories, and who couldn’t use one of those now?

Plus, this blog doesn’t have its name just because I had a cat named Silly.

So if you didn’t read the posts and the stories behind them before, give them a look. If you had, have another chuckle over them.

Or just think of a story that you found completely silly and remember it fondly.




One thought on “Remembering the silly stories

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