The week gone by — Aug. 2

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing Aaron Judge anymore.”

That comment from Suzi threw me into a momentary panic. After all, everything looked fine when the Yankees played the Red Sox the night before. In fact, he hit a homer.

Had he come down with an injury during the game that no one knew about? Had something awful happened after the game?

Then I realized it was nothing so terrible. It was Aug. 1, so it was time to turn over the Yankee calendar in the kitchen, where Aaron Judge was pictured in July.


Right there with you, Julie, especially since every day has been a week, every week a month and every month an eternity.

In August, you’re not that far from making the turn toward home for the year. Of course, most years, there’s more to anticipate than more of the same, just not as warm.

Oh well, at least Aaron Judge is healthy (knock on wood) and homered in his fourth straight game yesterday. Big man has his stroke going.


Still the greatest story I’ve ever told (and a couple other stories) — I can tell the story any time, and I will, but this week in particular was a good time to tell it.

An old cat learns a new trick — Sasha was very sneaky!


Surviving a ‘near disaster’ — Seriously, folks, this could have been bad. Well … not actually seriously.

After I posted this, I got the following comment from one of my best friends, whose son attends the same rural school district we did.

“I know some local, rural districts provided both internet and devices for families that needed it in the spring when schools closed their doors. Most high-schoolers are given school Chromebooks now, but those families with younger kids, who didn’t have a computer or device, were loaned one for the remainder of the school year. Some schools even set up hotspots in parking lots using school buses where people could go to use the internet. I think every student (or the vast majority anyway) ended up with whatever they needed to participate in virtual learning.”

So even if it isn’t top of mind among everyone, there are people paying attention.


This gown yields answers (My Life In Triplicate) — Not the gown she wanted, unfortunately.

Spread Your Smart (The Captain’s Speech) — Yes, please … I beg of you.

Chronicles of an Uncool Mom (Do What You Love) — Who needs to be cool, anyway?

July thoughts and feelings — Adjusting to a new normal (Claire Mac) — Just when you think you have things figured out … .

Feel sh—-y? Go for a walk (That Anxious Dude) — Walking has been amazing therapy the last several months.

Deep Dive: Coffee Edition (Buffalo Sauce Everwhere) — Thanks to Renata, you’ll never look at your Nespresso the same way again. Meanwhile, Josh has very simple demands of his coffee.

Rose-Tinted Road Rage (James Proclaims!) — A little ditty for our times.

One of ‘those women’ (Millennial Life Crisis) — Dudes, don’t be one of “those guys.”

Things I want to do this summer (Sunshine with Savannah) — It’s a good list.

Drag Me Down The Aisle (The Return of the Modern Philosopher) — Some thoughts on social distancing, being single and the wedding-industrial complex.

Sometimes, well-meaning people do dumb things. Other times, there’s no amount of meaning well that can explain the dumb.

“Your writing should reflect your thinking. You don’t need to become someone else.”


One of these days, I’m going to challenge her to photograph the bad parts of Switzerland … if she can find them.

See also: Q&A sessions at book-signings (and the comments are never short)

The Twitter account once devoted to a Buck Showalter parody comes roaring back under a new character, and I am here for it.

To be fair, if you can’t hit or pitch …

Someone needs to lock the liquor cabinet again.

I can think of some places where she should probably be running the joint.

Pajamas … as in “what you might wear to bed the night before”


If you don’t like making phone calls … never.

What was once an exercise in imagination is coming true.

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