4 thoughts on “Surviving a ‘near disaster’

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  2. Very serious this week Bill. Particularly meaningful as I listen in my in laws conservatory while the kids play. We’re in Scotland where the schools go back next week, we’ve got 3 and a half more weeks. Our schools are going back full time and I too question the safety of that decision. However, the advice is the schools need to go back first and everything else should be shut to allow that. Mixing will be limited and I think teachers are being tested regularly. Keeping them home would be workable for us, but so many other families struggle with work commitments or technology or just kids behaviour and additional needs or relationships with their parents or parents’ own knowledge and ability to teach. Fix the tech issues and high school remote learning could work, but for little kids like our 5 yr old face to face is essential.
    Hope your internet behaves better for the future! I’d be lost without it too.

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    1. It has been fine ever since those 20 minutes where I thought the world might end. (Or was at least mildly inconvenienced.)

      “… the schools need to go back first and everything else should be shut to allow that.” You mean instead of opening bars like they did here?

      I definitely wouldn’t want to have to decide about schools. It’s like choosing the best of no good options.

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  3. Well the bars are open here but schools need to go back in 4 weeks. They’re talking about closing bars and restaurants again to allow school to open. There are so many social care considerations for the well being of at-risk children that schools are key to ensuring their safety, and the ability of their parents to work outside the home. I few beers is the price we have to pay and if society thinks beer is more important than kids then we have a serious issue to consider.

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