An old cat learns a new trick

The ants have returned, which means Sasha’s food is back on the table in the dining room.

As much as she likes that, she’s always looking for more.


Sasha doesn’t have stomach problems as often as other cats we’ve had, but like them,  she has a telltale sign that something is wrong.

She starts coughing.

So when she started coughing the other night, Suzi went out to check on her. At that point, Sasha started walking away, apparently looking back over her shoulder every few steps, which she does when she wants to get fed to make sure someone is following her.

She stopped when she got to the living room, with no sign of stomach distress at all.

She was coughing to get our attention because she wanted someone — and by that, I mean me, because she doesn’t like the way Suzi does it, for some reason — to play with her.

Then, as always, she played for about 30 seconds before getting bored.

Little brat.

She’s lucky she’s cute.

2 thoughts on “An old cat learns a new trick

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