The week gone by — July 26

I’m so old … how old am I?

I’m so old, I remember when Facebook was exciting.

Really, that time existed.

And during that time, friend requests were exciting, because new people were popping up and finding me, or I was finding them, all the time.

Now, most of the people I would want to find are already on Facebook, so if I get a request now, it’s more like “Who wants me now?”

Like the one I got the other day.

It was from a guy I knew in high school, but we weren’t really friends.

I saw we did have some mutual friends (and I was actually pretty friendly back in the day with the girl who’s now his wife), but I haven’t the foggiest idea why he sent me a friend request, nor am I sure what I’m going to do with it.

But in better Facebook (or actually Instagram, since that’s where I saw it first) news, one of my favorite former coworkers just got married!


Just get me … somewhere — On the days you just … can’t … sometimes you need to get away for a spell if you can.

Here we go … baseball season — Is playing a Major League Baseball season this year crazy? Maybe. Will I watch? Of course.


The night before the wedding — Since I have an anniversary coming up (by the way, it’s tomorrow), why not talk about how things almost went very, very wrong the previous night?


Rachel McDaniel notes all of the unusual stuff from just the first day.

The Baseball Bloggess, who just celebrated her blog’s eighth anniversary, will make the most of it, even though she’s uneasy about everything.

Austin is very happy to have the Yankees back (as am I).

Becky yells some thoughts.

At least Paul knows now where his Blue Jays are playing.


Your opinion matters. (My Life In Triplicate) — There are tough decisions about sending the kids to school … and then there are tough decisions about sending your kids to school.

It’s Been Here (Running In Shadows) —  Be warned; there are references to child abuse, mental illness and suicide, and parts of it are a tough read. But she wants us to know things get better.

I’m doing better now (Sunshine WIth Savannah) — She got knocked down, but she’s up off the floor.

Guys, I Needed Another Root Canal (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — So … what did YOU do during the pandemic?

10 Things Home Learning has Taught Me (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — No. 10, especially No. 10.

Three is not the magic number (Live, parent, teach, repeat) — I don’t have kids, but imagine it gets harder when you have to play zone instead of man-to-man.

Stages of a Corona Bride (Am I Thirty Yet) — I don’t think I would have handled it this well.

Things I Learned During Covid (Uniquely Cass) — What would be on my list? I’m not sure.

How Losing A Job Is Like A Break Up (Rosie Culture) — It certainly is, and looking for a new one is like starting to date. In related news, I found dating very frustrating at times.


For the record, I’m a fan of both.

Those look nice.

Tell me your secret!

Since the border is closed, if the people who live here go into their yard, are they allowed to go back in the house?

I used to think something similar.

Day 1 was good. Day 2 didn’t do a lot for me, but I’m interested in seeing what else she comes up with.


This seems … counterproductive.

“— During the pandemic, 75% of museums stepped into their pivotal role as educators providing virtual educational programs, experiences, and curricula to students, parents, and teachers.

— Two-thirds (64%) of directors predicted cuts in education, programming, or other public services due to significant budget cuts.”


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