Here we go … baseball season

Well, it’s finally going to happen.

Barring any unforeseen problems in the next 24 hours or so, Opening Day is tomorrow.

Sure, the season is only 60 games and for all we know, the Blue Jays could be playing in the park down the street from my house if it weren’t all torn up (or, failing that, maybe Pittsburgh), but Opening Day is tomorrow.


“It has been so god-awful lonely without baseball. It has been so empty and so miserable.

Wouldn’t a baseball game, well, not exactly fix things, but maybe make things a tiny bit less miserable?

But, then, I get angry and weary and sad and ready to chuck the season all over again because who am I to ask someone to risk their health – and the health of their families – just so I can feel a little less miserable?“

“Nothing Is Real.” The Baseball Bloggess

I’ve watched soccer and auto racing, golf and bowling … even baseball from Taiwan (my Rakuten Monkeys finished second in the first half … I bet it was their lousy bullpen) and South Korea.

Hockey and basketball are coming back soon, and I’ll watch them.

But Major League Baseball feels different, for both good and bad.

“The Blue Jays face a unique opportunity where this situation can bring the team closer together because all they have are each other.

“This season will either turn into a touching ‘30 for 30’ documentary, chronicling a team’s determination to push on and play for a country, after being left without a home.

Or, they’ll win 25 games and we’ll never speak of this summer again.”

“Where In The World Are The Toronto Blue Jays Playing?” The Captain’s Speech

Of course I’m going to watch. I’ve waited four months for it.

Of course I know the whole thing could be ludicrous to even try.

What’s the expression — “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”?

Yeah, that one, from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I’ll let other people decide if my intelligence is first-rate, but unless you just don’t give a damn and want your sports, come hell or high water, if you plan on watching sports this year, you’d better be able to understand the opposed ideas involved.


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