The week gone by — July 12

I was in the kitchen a few minutes before Suzi finished dinner, so there was no point in getting into anything.

So I looked out the window, to see if any of the yard bunnies were out.

Then I looked out the back window, and then wandered into the living room for no good reason.


But this wasn’t just pre-dinner antsiness. It was … you know … nothing in particular about it, just … you know.

Because the conscious thinking and talking about it isn’t enough; it sometimes has to give my subconscious a visit just for fun.

“Ugh. The novel coronavirus has lost all novelty, and we are so, so, so done with it.“

— Jeff Gauger, “Tour through hell,” 30-Second Read

I can’t let it control my every thought. I have to take my brain back, even if it’s just for … here.

I write about it too much (like … um … now). I talk about it too much. (See “What I Talked About” below.) But I didn’t start doing this to chronicle “this,” although some people are, and they’re very good at it.

Although I love that I actually have readers, I started doing this for me.

I need to take it back.


Come inside, come inside — A place where every step puts the world outside a little farther away.

Bad news out of Nashville — We liked Nashville a lot, so it stunk seeing this story.


What we want now … and when it’s over — The pandemic and quarantine have people thinking about what matters to them.


Getting Laid Off – Initial Thoughts (Rosie Culture) — Sometimes, life sucks.

How My 2020 Resolutions Are Going (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — I don’t make resolutions, but it should be no surprise that they’re tough to stick to during a pandemic.

One Inning. (The Baseball Bloggess) — It’s a story about one guy, who pitched one inning of one game … except for the part where it isn’t.

The Home Stretch? (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — When it should be almost over, but you know it really isn’t.

Bunkerland (Skeleton At The Feast) — A place you really, really want to get out of.

Yoga in the Park (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — Suzi also takes yoga outside, and apparently has some of the same issues. My first outdoor exercise class is Monday; we’ll see how it goes.

Lose Weight And Feel Great In Three Simple Steps (James Proclaims!) — Important information from James Proclaims Towers.

Welp, I Got COVID-19 (And Other Quarantine Musings) ( — Thoughts after (fortunately) recovery.

Adults Are Children and Life is Professional Wrestling (The Captain’s Speech) — He’s right on both counts, probably more than he knows.

Life Lessons Crocheting Taught Me About Handling Mistakes (Dark Blue Journal) — If I ever tried crocheting, I’d know more life lessons than anyone.

How to prepare for a new puppy (Sunshine with Savannah) — It isn’t this complicated for a cat, is it, or am I just used to cats?

If walls could talk (Live, parent, teach, repeat) — I think someone has an unhappy living room.

2022. He said 2022.


You’re welcome.

You think she’s kidding. She’s my friend, and I can tell you … she’s not.

It is literally the only way I can remember how to screw or unscrew something.

No idea what she’s talking about …

The people spam calling me got so bored they gave my number to some weirdos with only nine numbers (including area code) instead of 10.

What she said.

No lies detected. I just thought it would be longer, maybe multiple volumes.

I know the feeling.


7 thoughts on “The week gone by — July 12

  1. Do you know where your yard bunnies go at night, or where they sleep? We get some too every so often, and then they disappear for three weeks, or two months.

    Thanks for including me in your list!


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