Come inside, come inside

Open the first gate … just make sure to close it behind you.

Open the second gate. Be sure to close that one, too.

Now that you’re inside, start walking.


Before long, you’ll be surrounded by trees and the shadows created by the sun coming through the tops of the branches.

At first there are children’s voices, but they fade away.

There are a few clearings, but before long, you’re back in the trees.

A ravine appears,  and the only sounds are your feet on the ground and birds you may not be able to see, but you can definitely hear.

This is a place that others have acquired and established for you to enjoy, but it doesn’t feel like it’s actually yours, like the birds, the frogs in the bog and the beavers working on the trees are there to remind you that you’re just a guest.

Although the gates are to protect the trees from the deer, the rules are for you, the visitor, not the creatures who live there. There are paths, but they provide the barest convenience — embedded roots providing a hazard to those who aren’t careful, less bridges and more wood along the ground where the trail would otherwise be impassible.


Yet every step into this world means your world — and everything going on there — is a step farther away.

Every fork in the path is a choice — go deeper and put more of your world behind you, or go back to it.


You keep going, again and again, until you decide … it’s time.

At first, you hear what sounds like an industrial-strength lawnmower. Then you hear the voices. Then you see the people starting their own voyages inside.


Open the first gate … just make sure to close it behind you.

Open the second gate. Be sure to close that one, too.

Back in the car. Time to order lunch.






7 thoughts on “Come inside, come inside

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