The week gone by — July 5

Portsmouth and Kittery … Kittery and Portsmouth.

The border between Maine and New Hampshire separates them, but they’re so intertwined that the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is actually in Kittery.

They’re just a couple hours away, and for years, they have been a regular trip, usually on one of the first weekends that remind us that, even in New England, winter doesn’t last forever.

We haven’t always hit both, but we couldn’t now even if we wanted to, not without the equivalent of a doctor’s note or a willingness to quarantine.

I must confess, I never thought “Not being allowed to travel to Maine” would come up on the “Ways 2020 has been weird” bingo card, but then again, who would have expected 2020 to be this weird?


Sunshine Blogger Award — What would my last meal be if I were on death row? Plus answers to 10 more questions that (fortunately) have nothing to do with dying.

Everything feels different now — When a crowded basketball game now looks more like a disaster looking for a place to happen.


The things we used to take for granted — What are things you used to be able to do without thinking that aren’t so simple now … and that’s if you can even do them at all?


I Lost My Job Today (Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table) — I’ll take “How not to treat your employees for all the money, Alex.”

How To Date Someone Who Won’t Wear A Mask (The Return of the Modern Philosopher) — As if dating wasn’t complicated enough, right?

6,000 Followers: A Blog Distancing Gala (The Captain’s Speech) — It was quite a get-together.

To Braintree, from the kind-of popular white girl (Beth In The District) — I used to live in the next town over.

Deep Dive: 90s Cartoons (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — I’ve never watched “Spongebob Squarepants,” but the way Renata feels about later years of the show is kind of how I feel about the last years of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Josh’s Take — Deep Dive: 90s Cartoons (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — I got nothing on the cartoons, but I do remember Devo!

Things I’ve Learnt After Working In A Cafe (A Girl With A View) — Any experience in the service industry will teach you a lot about people.

The Magic Filling Washing Basket (Live, parent, teach, repeat) — Kitchen sinks have this same magical power.

James Explains Independence Day (James Proclaims!) — Apparently, they’re celebrating independence in the UK, too, just … differently.

Two totally different worlds (Millennial Life Crisis) — In case you’re wondering why we’re not allowed in Canada.

Sunshine Blogger Award (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — I think I’d like to chat with Becky for hours.

Colorow West Trail (Sunshine With Savannah) — Colorado does seem to have some awfully nice hikes.

Staying home, staying safe — week 14 (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — Somebody’s little guy had himself quite a birthday.

It’s bad enough when you have trouble remembering what day of the week it is.


I miss fireworks.

Here’s one to wrap your head around.

This was ridiculously good. What they did with a bare stage, save for two platforms, and Zoom boxes was astounding, plus Matt Smith and Claire Foy acted the crap out of it.

Scream. Reboot. Hope.

I hope so.

Roof with a view.


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