The things we used to take for granted

What are things you used to be able to do without thinking that aren’t so simple now … and that’s if you can even do them at all?

I talk about a few of them from my life, and feel free to share yours in the comments.

Optimism is good … but I’m not A Silly Place

Seeing travel offered as a prize in an auction made Bill think organizers were being really optimistic … and about his own very-not-optimistic nature.
  1. Optimism is good … but I’m not
  2. Dreaming of being filthy rich
  3. Episode 22: Looking for that perfect word
  4. Episode 20: The things we see in our dreams
  5. Bringing the jokes … the bad jokes

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3 thoughts on “The things we used to take for granted

  1. Listened to while munching liquorice and pondering large boy’s return to rugby training next Sunday. I’m looking forward to him getting some proper exercise again with the coaches, but worrying about the ability of 8 yr olds to remain at a sensible distance. It’ll be great to see the kids and parents again, even if its only training.

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