Everything feels different now

Once upon a time, a knee in the back or an elbow in the knee at a basketball game just meant we were at an arena where seating was tight.

When I look back on it now, though, I think “No social distancing there.”

Sort of like when we see Rick Steves in a bar, and Rick Steves goes to bars a lot.

We’re going to sign up for Disney+ in time to see “Hamilton” Friday night. It’s the original Broadway cast, from back when it was less of a show and more of a cultural phenomenon.

Even if we get the full-year subscription and never watch anything else, not even Baby Yoda highlights, compared to the price of tickets, $69.99 may seem like a bargain.

We saw it in London, a couple years ago on Suzi’s birthday. It was a great night, with a terrific dinner beforehand and then the show on our last night before heading to Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, streaming is probably the only way you’ll be able to see “Hamilton,” or any other shows, for the foreseeable future, with productions shutting down pretty much everywhere, including Broadway through at least the end of the year.

I should be excited that Major League Baseball is starting soon — I actually should have been excited months ago — and I’m sure I will be once the games start.

But even though I’ve been watching soccer from Germany and England (Liverpool!), baseball from Taiwan and then Korea, golf and NASCAR, there’s something about MLB opening that makes me anxious, that I’m not sure they can actually pull it off.

It seems like there are so many variables, I’m not sure they should even try, but that’s pretty much what life is these days … looking at all the variables before you decide whether something is worth doing.

4 thoughts on “Everything feels different now

  1. I’m also wary of MLB’s ability to pull it off. Training Camp 2.0 starts today and the Toronto Blue Jays don’t have anywhere to play. The government is going to let them come back to Canada and quarantine for 2 weeks in the hotel attached to the stadium, which will allow them to work out. I think they come home on Saturday after everyone gathers in Florida. But they still don’t know what’s going to happen when games start. How are they supposed to play if every team coming in is required to quarantine for 2 weeks. It’s a mess.

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