The week gone by — June 21

Yesterday, Suzi and I …

… were awed by Crater Lake before trekking to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

… were amazed in Ottawa, as Canada’s capital exceeded any expectations.

San Diego Zoo panda

… admired the animals in the San Diego Zoo.

Washington State History Museum

… and concluded the trip in Tacoma, which we weren’t sure about, especially because it was raining. However, we enjoyed it, especially the Washington State History Museum.

Obviously, we didn’t literally do all of those yesterday — contestants on “The Amazing Race” couldn’t even cover that much ground in 24 hours — but over 10 years, we did all those things on June 20.

Clearly, we like traveling this time of year.

I just hope that we’ll be confident in traveling by this time next year.


The best boss I ever had — Sometimes, you need someone to save you from your own stupidity.

Don’t even tell me if the world is ending — It’s not like I can do anything about it, anyway.


After six months, I finally got a haircut.


My Dad, Decisions, And A Dog Named Lady (The Baseball Bloggess) — Life lessons for Father’s Day.

Rebuilding: part three (My Life In Triplicate) — Sometimes, you have to remember to take care of yourself.

Meet Wally, our new pup (Sunshine With Savannah) — Too … much … cute.

Lockdown Learning Outcomes (Live, parent, teach, repeat) — Sometimes you learn life’s great truths. Sometimes, you learn … other things.

The Vincent Edinhero Blogger Award (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Becky answers my questions …

… as does Claudia of Do What You Love.

Not Another Eating Disorder Post (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — “When you’re used to seeing food as the enemy, it can be hard to recognize that others don’t think like you.”

Let’s Talk About … Anxiety (By Alexandria Rae) — “Anytime I can feel anxiety bubbling away inside me, I know that I need to allow myself to ride the wave, to let myself be, and know that whilst today perhaps wasn’t meant to be, I can always try again tomorrow.”

Non-birthday (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — In the comments, she writes that she doesn’t think she’s being particularly strong. Of course, she knows her own feelings better than anyone else, but I’m sure many would beg to differ.

Sunday Delights (The Accidental Inspirationalist) — What do Sundays mean to you?

They like me. They really like me! (Millennial Life Crisis) — Things are looking up for Vee.

A Silver Lining In Photos (twenty something) — These are nice.

Challenge of Aging (BEXoxoBlog) — A tale of cars and birthdays.

Where Has My Productivity Gone? (Rosie Culture) — I bet she’s not the only one asking this question.

These folks may have slightly overreacted.


Can I socially distance there?

I mentioned this to Suzi, and she said, “I could have told you that.” (I’m a Gemini.)

Don’t argue this. You’ll be wrong.

“W1A” is life, and life is “W1A.”

As resurrections go, not bad.

This is a good list. What’s yours?

It only gets worse.

Maybe I’ll skip this one and go to the next one.


7 thoughts on “The week gone by — June 21

  1. I love your “vacation” and this line: “but over 10 years, we did all those things on June 20.” What a wonderful vacation you weaved so cleverly!

    And, thank you for sharing, not only my post, which I’ve already read 🙂 … but the posts of other bloggers. Your curation of BlogWorld is such a kind gift you give to all of us!

    Liked by 1 person

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