The coronavirus quarantine has changed us — and it’s not all bad – Vox

Although being on lockdown has been pretty grueling on balance, the surprise is that many of us have realized there are some things about quarantine life that are worth preserving. We’re questioning the very fundamentals of the “normal” we’d all come to unthinkingly accept — and realizing we don’t want to go back, not to that.
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I’m not sure of anything I’m hoping to carry with me after quarantine other than trying harder to be calm about things I can’t control, this is still an interesting list.

What have you learned or done during quarantine that you hope to continue after it’s over?

4 thoughts on “The coronavirus quarantine has changed us — and it’s not all bad – Vox

  1. On a professional level (I work for the health department), this public health emergency has helped us make stronger bonds with partners within our community which I think is invaluable. I’ve also heard that doctors of all sorts have turned to using telemedicine to reach their patients and feel that it’s a great resource to use even after the viral ‘dust’ has settle which is fantastic news for people in under served parts of the country with little to no access to proper healthcare and/or lack of transportation. Kinda sad that it took a global pandemic to prove that fact…

    Personally, I learned how important my gym routine is for my mental health–who’da thunk?

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    1. Things are starting to open up a bit, but I’d go insane without being able to go for a walk almost every day.

      Good point about telemedicine in underserved areas, as long as they’re not underserved in terms of internet access, as well.

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      1. We’re finding, at least in our area, that people are willing to find the nearest McDonalds to use their wifi if they are without, even for doctor’s appointments.

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