The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

My pal Savannah over at Sunshine With Savannah was good enough to nominate me for The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award.

Who, you might ask, is Vincent Ehindero? He’s a blogger “with the zeal to make people smile.”

And Savannah is one of my first and best blogging buddies, and so I’m happy and grateful that she nominated me.

Plus she and her husband Chad just adopted a really cute puppy. I’m more of a cat guy myself, but just look at him …

So, many thanks to Savannah, and here are my answers to her questions.

Who is your childhood hero and why? — I always say that whatever good I am came from my parents.

What is your biggest fear/phobia? — Dying

Do you believe it’s healthy to have regrets? — Although I’ve had too few to mention, I think it’s probably healthier to have regrets and learn from those mistakes than to not have them, because everyone has done something they could regret.

In your opinion, is social media healthy or damaging for the future generations? — Social media didn’t exist until I was in my 30s, so I would imagine it’s easier to develop the kind of relationship I wanted with it (I think a healthy one) than someone for whom it has always been part of their life and maybe wasn’t able to develop a relationship in the same way.

What’s your favorite vacation destination? Or, where would you like to go? — New York is my favorite. The next place we’ve talked about going is Switzerland, but all that is on hold because of … you know.

If you had full disclosure, what would be written on your tombstone? — “He treated people well.”

What do you do for a living? — I’m hoping someone will give me a chance to actually answer that question.

What’s your favorite part about blogging? — I can express myself. What I do is all mine. When what I write resonates with somebody.

Do you have a pet? — Our cat Sasha.


Here’s who I’m nominating

Becky from Strikeouts + Sprinkles

Paul from The Captain’s Speech

Vee from Millennial Life Crisis

Claudia from Do What You Love

Renata from Buffalo Sauce Everywhere

Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

Austin from The Return of the Modern Philosopher

I picked these folks because they’re some of my favorite blogs, so make sure to check them out. (Rosie of Rosie Culture is another one, but Savannah already nominated her.)

Here are my questions!

If you could do one thing over, and only one thing, what would it be?

What is the best thing you read in the past week? (Link if possible)

What is your philosophy on life, in five words or less?

What never fails to make you laugh?

What is one thing you cannot forgive if someone does it?

Why do you write the way you do, and what made you realize you want to do it that way?


3 thoughts on “The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

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