The week gone by — May 17

I’ve never been a fan of restaurant drive-throughs.

The wait always feels like it’s longer, maybe it’s because I’m sitting in the car, or maybe it’s because you can’t see much of what’s going on.

But if you’re doing McDonald’s for lunch, and all that’s available is the drive-through … it is what it is.

Fortunately, everything went OK. The wait was manageable. People didn’t cut in line, and I got the food I was supposed to get.

I won’t complain. It’s not what I would normally do, but it’ll do.

Which seems to be a theme these days.


It’s in two weeks.


I was chatting with Giggles from No Love for Fatties the other day, and she had the best line I’ve seen about people imagining what life after quarantine will look like — “I think ‘pure fantasy’ right now is doing normal things.”

I’m not saying Becky of Strikeouts + Sprinkles misses the library, but … . (Maybe she and The Accidental Inspirationalist should talk.)

Rosie’s plan literally starts with hair, makeup and jeans, but after she gets out of work, it’s off to Portland, a trip that always sounds like a good idea to me. Her boyfriend also likes the plan.

The family from Smelly Socks and Garden Peas is thinking safety first, but once they think they’re good to go, it’s time for a road trip!

Remember plans? NotOldYet over at My Forty Something Life does.


A touch of ‘normalcy’ — An exercise class on Zoom isn’t the same, but at the moment, it’s more than good enough.

Do people ‘piggyback’ online? — Now that most meetings are online, have cliches and jargon come with them?

Stay away from others at the beach? OK! — What used to be “antisocial” is now “social distancing.”


Can’t have a holiday without a trip to the ER (My Life In Triplicate) — Alexia is a friend from college, and she’s one of the good people in every possible way.

Unicorn Rainbow Ice Cream Party (The Return of the Modern Philosopher) — I’d be OK with just the ice cream.

Private School Capers (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) —A fascinating journey about having confidence, losing it and getting it back.

In which I reveal my most embarrassing moment (Witty Written Word) — Kids do the darndest things.

A Birthday Like No Other (Lucy Mary) — As someone who has a birthday coming up, I can relate.

Fearless In Motherhood. Fearless Being Me (Claire Mac) — “Being a mother is part of me, it’s a big part of me, but it doesn’t define who I am, and I no longer feel guilty about it.”

When people suck (Millennial Life Crisis) — No matter what, there’s always someone who finds a way.

Some words, when none of them are right (Always Coffee) — Ali remembers her mother.

Coming home is great, but what happens when being home is all there is?

Want. (We’ve done the cookies. They were tasty.)

I’m watching replays instead of live in the wee small hours, but it’s still baseball.


This entire thread … all of it.

My buddy put together quite a collection of sports photos.

Since I’d bet 90 percent of people who send email don’t care if it finds me well, I second this.

This isn’t far from what life was like for kids who grew up when I did.

It’s all about the moments, folks.

Damn, he beat me to it.

This has to feel like a punch to the gut.

Speaking of gut punches, but if you read her feed, she’s trying to make the best of it.

Moving is fun.

Lots of parents and children are probably spending a lot more time together than they had planned.

One of these is not like the others.

11 thoughts on “The week gone by — May 17

  1. Boomer EcoCrusader

    My daughter works drive-thru at McDonalds. The last couple of months have been challenging and people are more impatient than usual. Most of these restaurants are short-staffed right now because, for one reason or another, many people have quit. It’s a character-building experience for her to continue working under these circumstances.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the part I don’t get (and I’m probably going to write about this soon) … the people who don’t get this is a really difficult time, so maybe they should ease up a little bit.

      Liked by 1 person

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