Stay away from others at the beach? OK!

I must confess that I’m of two minds about beaches reopening.

On one hand, it’s the beach, and beaches are awesome. Plus people need to get outside, and a lot of beaches are convenient large, wide-open spaces to do just that.

On the other hand — and I guess I should think this way about parks, too — it feels like unless there are strict rules that are strictly enforced, it feels like giving an inch to people who will take a mile.

“During the busy times, between sunbathing, swimming, games, sand castles and whatever else, everyone is competing for space.

But when there aren’t a lot of people there, everyone gets their own piece of infinity. The beach can be whatever they want it to be. They can be lost in what they’re doing, and if they like, the waves can be the only sound.”

Oregon Adventures — The final stop

The dirty little secret about beaches is that they have always been best when you could stay away from other people, when it was “being antisocial” instead of “social distancing.”

I don’t have kids who want to be entertained, so that helps, but give me the sweet spot of the hour or so in the evening, after dinner, when I can walk undisturbed and enjoy the sand, the waves and the pre-sunset colors.

Of course, if people can’t all go to the beach during the day, will more of them go in the evening, and then it will be a secret no more?

Sugarland concert

Emptying the calendar

It’s not a shock, but we found out the Sugarland concert we were going to this summer has been cancelled.

And even though we weren’t planning on going to see her again this year — I think Suzi was holding out for an Adele tour — I saw the other day that Maren Morris has postponed her 2020 tour to next year.

We’re starting to hit that time when a lot of plans are going by the wayside …

… and the reminders come in all the worst ways.

So sometimes, you just have to improvise.



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