Do people ‘piggyback’ online?

I downloaded Zoom because I had a job interview just as … you know … was showing the first signs of the havoc it would wreak on everyday life.

Since then, I’ve used it for a couple chats with friends and former coworkers, and my exercise class just moved online.

I don’t have any meetings to go to online, so for the people who do, there’s something I want to know.

Do people still spout jargon during virtual meetings?

Have “loop in,” “circle back,” “touch base” and “deep dive” moved from the conference room to the boxes on the screen?

Are people still saying “no” when asked if they have anything to say before launching into a “just that …” soliloquy?

When the host asks if anyone has anything to add, have people finally gotten the point that it’s a cue to wind things down, or are people who had been silent the whole time still piping up?

Heaven forbid, are people still “piggybacking”?

Have new scourges like “during these difficult times” and “the new normal” blossomed?

If all of these are hitting too close to home, without the benefit of pizza to salve the insanity, how are you getting through it without throwing your screen out the window?

Photo by Ryan Mendoza on Unsplash.

9 thoughts on “Do people ‘piggyback’ online?

  1. Yeah nothing has changed for me either now that we do our meetings on Zoom. I’ve heard a lot of “we’ll talk offline” this week. I hardly talk in the meetings so I just awkwardly sit there with Fenway Park as my background since I’m set up in my bedroom.

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    1. That stinks. I’d say “we’ll talk offline” is a new one, but I was getting the impression people were using it figuratively, whereas now it’s literal.


  2. Boomer EcoCrusader

    Meetings are meetings, whether they are in person or online. As someone who has primarily worked from home for years, I can say that you get used to it.

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  3. Zoom is both the best and worst thing to happen to 2020. Oh my god it’s so frustrating. And reading your jargon makes me laugh at how much I hate it when I am on a zoom call.

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    1. That’s the thing … Zoom has probably made it a lot easier to work at home, meaning it has done a lot to keep people safe. But it can be a pain, and no one LIKES using it, so you’d think people would have the good sense not to include jargon! LOL

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      1. Couldn’t agree more. Working from home through Zoom calls have become so tiresome and frustrating , now whenever someone includes it in a conversation, I am one step away from a breakdown. I really wish things get back to normal soon!

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