Once it starts, it never stops

Yardwork is … not my favorite thing.

Mowing the lawn is fine, because at some point, you have covered all the grass on the property, so it’s all cut, and you’re done.

Most yardwork, however, never ends.


Leaves, of course, are the worst, to the point where I practically break out in hives at the sight of leaf bags.

OK, maybe not hives, but still …

I was only pretty good at science in school, but I’m pretty sure none of my teachers said anything about leaves reproducing. However, that’s the only way I can explain how you can pick up a pile of leaves and have the same number of leaves still be on the ground.

If I hadn’t finally broken down and hired someone to pick them up, I’m pretty sure I’d still be raking leaves at a house I moved out of nearly five years ago.

First world problem, this.


The good news is that the leaves were done last fall, so that just left cutting down a couple overgrown bushes and spreading mulch around the bushes and in the flower bed in front of the house.

Because we didn’t get enough mulch on the first trip, we had to go back to Lowe’s.

The good news is that I got a little more comfortable with my mask … as in I could breathe while I was wearing it. I had a slight problem with that whole thing the first time.

The bad news is that you had the guy who was sauntering between shoppers and the woman who cut directly in front of Suzi, forcing her to stop short.

This forced me to stop short, which isn’t the easiest thing ever with about 100 pounds of mulch in the cart and your wife directly in front of you.

I think it was mostly because the store was crowded — although everyone was wearing masks and store employees were doing a good job disinfecting all the carts — but if people being clueless in the store isn’t a sign that nature’s healing, that sign does not exist.


The work itself wasn’t all that hard. Suzi used a hedge trimmer on the bushes, ensuring that all my limbs stayed intact and the bushes will eventually grow green and thick again so the rabbits on our lawn will have a place to live.

Seriously, as much time as they spent going in and out of the bushes last year, we’re surprised we didn’t unearth a flat-screen TV. Maybe they take it to them to their winter location.

As for the mulch, it was just a matter of having enough to spread around.

The weather was perfect, and it didn’t take very long.

Until …

… Suzi found another area that should probably get a good mulching, meaning we’ll be headed back to Lowe’s.

… And she figured that we should probably clean up around a bush that she has taken to calling “the pool house” because that’s where the rabbits were hanging out while we were renovating the main place.

Not to mention we’ll have to clean the deck when the flowers all come off the magnolia tree.

Like I said, it never ends.


8 thoughts on “Once it starts, it never stops

  1. Lol, this great timing to read this the day before we close on a house and adopt a yard. Also, I absolutely laughed out loud with, “but if people being clueless in the store isn’t a sign that nature’s healing, that sign does not exist.” Perfection.

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