Two weeks

Originally posted April 28, 2017, two weeks after my gall bladder surgery, which was three years ago yesterday, on Good Friday.

Two weeks ago, I was in a hospital bed.

The pain in my side that I woke up with wasn’t from sleeping on it wrong, and the pain in my stomach wasn’t gas.

It was my gall bladder.

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The week gone by — April 12

Instead of the fist bump, racket tap or other salutation at the net that comes with the end of a pickleball game, we bowed from our respective baselines.

Someone tried to sanitize the balls, but that didn’t work very well.

It was a fairly warm day, but I wore gloves.

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Flying solo

When you hear someone talking, and you don’t expect to hear someone talking, and you can’t figure out where the talking is coming from, it can get kind of unnerving.

I finally found him, standing on the porch, but it took a few seconds to realize he was talking to his dog, saying to go back inside because it was too cold.

A few seconds later, I turned around, and the guy was pulling up his coat, dog on the leash in front of him.

Because the dog always wins.

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Not the usual holidays

Inspired by a post from April 21, 2019, about our friends’ Passover Seder.

Our friends’ Passover Seder, a celebration less about any particular religion — everyone, Jewish or not, takes part in the rituals — than about spending time with their family and the local “family” that they’ve built and that we’re lucky enough to be part of (and eating ungodly amounts of food) would have been this week.

Except for … you know.

Also, the chicken matzo ball soup will have to wait this year.

I think she even had a new, larger pot for it.

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The week gone by — April 5

I’m not always the greatest about turning over my calendar each month.

If I happen to notice and think of it, I’ll do it, but otherwise, it may be a hours or even a day or two before I do it.

But this month, I flipped that sucker right after my morning orange juice, even before I ate.

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The little things you notice

Suzi was upstairs taking an online yoga class when the delivery man came with the dumbbells she had ordered … because the one she lives with isn’t enough.

I stood just inside the storm door so I could crack it open and take the box, but instead, he set it down on the step, gave me a wave and walked away.

I let him get about halfway to the road before I grabbed it and brought it inside.

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A night out, at home

I was dispatched to get the pizza.

There wasn’t any particular reason, except Suzi had taken the car out a couple days ago to go grocery shopping, and I hadn’t since the weekend, when I went to the drugstore down the hill to grab a subscription.

She figured she didn’t want to have all the fun.

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Not so wild, not so crazy, not so bad

We were bored in the way that college kids with way too much energy way too late at night and not much going on can be, so we decided to do something about it.

Although there were more than us that could even comfortably fit into the station wagon Kit was driving, we piled in and drove to the local casino.

Not so much to gamble, mind you, but to … walk around.

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A year ago, I was in New York

Times Square is virtually empty.

They’re building a field hospital in Central Park.

Suzi reminded me that a year ago at this time, we were in New York City. As exciting as all our trips there are, this visit had an amazing amount of memories in a just a few short days.

Here’s a summary in blog posts of some of those memories.

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