All the shows you’d ever want

With concerts basically being cancelled until who knows when because of … you know … you’d think my pal Al Gorithm at Live Nation would have nothing for me. You’d be wrong.

If you’re not busy at 4 p.m. (Eastern), you have an open invitation for tea with Tori Kelly.

Or, more accurately, the invitation is for #QuaranTEAwithTori.

I have no great interest in her Instagram live stream, where it looks like she’s talking and singing with friends, but at least I’ve heard of her.

I’ve heard of Michael Bublé, too. You can hang out on Facebook with he and his wife Luisana Lopilato, although he apparently got a bit too free with his elbows recently.

High school students who missed their prom can check out a “virtual prom” featuring Joe Jonas Friday night on the KIIS YouTube channel.

By the looks of it, every living musician — whether you’ve heard of them or not — has some sort of Instragram, Facebook or YouTube stream, and Live Nation wants to make sure you know about it.

Will I be checking out any of these offerings? I highly doubt it, but there’s no harm in artists trying to provide something for the people right now.

Plus it keeps Al Gorithm busy.



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