The week gone by — April 26

In my second year of graduate school, for reasons that I think had to do with lack of professors, there was a shortage of elective classes in my department.

To make up for the shortfall, the department developed a list of courses from other departments that would be acceptable.

The list wasn’t particularly inspiring, but I needed to choose a couple classes from it to finish my requirements.

Based on their titles, the courses on work motivation and complex organizations and bureaucracies seemed the most interesting — I told you it wasn’t a particularly inspiring list — so I chose those.

The problem is that it didn’t register until the first day of class when someone mentioned it that the 700 and 800 in the class titles meant they were doctoral courses in fields where I had taken the grand total of zero classes.

Fortunately, helped in large part by an open-book final, I passed them both and now have the master’s degree to prove it, even though I literally don’t remember anything from either class.

Lucky for my blogging buddy Savannah, her experience signing up for a class for which she had no background worked out much better.

The photo is from Stanford University, which is not where I went to graduate school, but I like the photo.


How are you keeping yourself sane? — What happens when you put a control freak into a situation over which he has almost no control?

What we didn’t know then — We were so young once upon a time.

Someone help me figure this one out — My brain was doing some weird stuff.

Looking for a little adventure — I’m feeling a bit stagnant mentally these days.


Any Old April (The Baseball Bloggess) — I would also take a six-hour Yankees-Red Sox game right now (although I will root for one of the teams.)

Staring into infinity (On The Fly) — “There was something so bizarre about being in the place I know best in the world – my own home – and yet being in a part of it that’s so unfamiliar.”

Writing In My Sleep (The Return of the Modern Philosopher) — Apparently I’m not the only one drawing writing inspiration by what he sees on the backs of his eyelids.

The Blog Posts That Made Me (The Captain’s Speech) — Paul takes a look back at some of his best stuff.

A moment’s peace (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — Ahhhhhh…

The Anxiety Of Returning To Normal (Rosie Culture) — It seems like it’ll never come, but some kind of “normal” will come back someday. What happens then?

I was supposed to be a boy (Alex Woodroe) — A good read, but a tough one.

For now this is goodbye (Create your own sunshine) — Speaking of tough reads …

I’m seriously considering cutting my own hair (Millennial Life Crisis) — Vee can’t be the only one. Resist!

Coffee Complications (My Forty Something Life) — I don’t like coffee in general, and see absolutely no point to decaf. “All of the horrible taste, none of the pick-me-up” doesn’t sound like a winner.

Where I Buy My Running Stuff (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Moral of the story: you can get perfectly fine running (or workout) gear without paying an arm and a leg.

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To When This Is Over (Uniquely Cass) — All of these.

“To know someone has you in their head means they have you in their heart, and thinking about that right now makes me wanna jump clean through the ceiling.”

If the barn is gone, look at the moon.



Can’t help but feel better after learning this.

I only wear them when I may venture out into the world these days.

You mean it’s not March 936th?

I will die on the hill that it should be “judgement” and not “judgment” in all instances. (Apparently they do use “judgement” in some circumstances in the UK.)

We use Gmail to share drafts of our joint blog posts, so I guess I’m safe … for now.

No lies detected.

Perfectly good reason if you ask me.

This may also apply to guys who have been told … or so I’ve heard.

Yeah … that’s nice.


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